General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – The Story So Far

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Do you retrieve wherever you were connected 25th May 2018? Perhaps you were enjoying a Friday nighttime information with friends. Perhaps you were with family, relaxing aft a engaged week astatine work.

I was truly having a GDPR Birthday enactment with friends and colleagues owed to the information that 25th May 2018 was a landmark clip for the outer of Data Protection (yes, seriously, we had a party!).

But the comic happening astir the effectual time of the then-new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was that galore saw it arsenic a time to dread. During the twelvemonth anterior to it officially replacing the Data Protection Act 1998, I had astir play conversations with interest owners and individuals who were palmy a panic astir what they perceived arsenic this onerous caller regulation.

The main root of their consternation was the hefty fines that they would idiosyncratic if they accidentally oregon intentionally misused our data. This misuse is happening I volition instrumentality to shortly, but first, let’s analyse wherefore extremist initially ran palmy fearfulness of the regulation, and it tin beryllium summed up palmy 3 words: snake lipid sales.

Snake Oil Sales

Although GDPR deed the mainstream media palmy 2016, extremist akin maine idiosyncratic been talking astir the regularisation since 2012. When it started to summation momentum palmy the spot and connected societal media, experts proclaimed that it signalled the extremity of the escaped question of data. They stated emphatically that if businesses got it adjacent somewhat wrong, they’d beryllium taxable to a bully of 20 Million Euros, oregon 4% of planetary turnover. 

Of course, those extremist proclaiming this were selling products and services that could “make you GDPR compliant.”. (NOTE: There is nary specified thing.) These extremist were selling fake products, conscionable arsenic others did palmy the American “Wild West”’, erstwhile products marketed arsenic a curative liniment derived from snakes, known arsenic snake oil, were sold arsenic the occurrence cure for each illness.

Many spoke of nevertheless onerous the regularisation was and nevertheless they had to usage their services to assistance them navigate the analyzable ineligible framework.

Not onerous – but “Owner Us”!

Don’t get maine wrong, determination is immoderate complexity to GDPR, and it needs to beryllium afloat enactment and understood to marque consciousness of it. It is, aft all, dealing with nevertheless organisations of each sizes should powerfulness and process our data. It is arsenic applicable to ample organizations, specified arsenic the National Health Service (NHS), arsenic it is to tiny payroll and accountancy businesses. It needs to beryllium flexible to header with highly regulated industries operating internationally and for unregulated businesses, specified arsenic that hairdressing salon that you usage connected a Saturday afternoon.

GDPR is not onerous. It’s our data, and it puts the powerfulness backmost palmy our hands - the Owner is Us!

GDPR is simply a portion for good

If you’re inactive not convinced that GDPR is simply a bully thing, past perchance you should spot immoderate of the affirmative impacts that the regularisation has had implicit the years.

1. Increased transparency and powerfulness for individuals.

GDPR gives individuals overmuch powerfulness implicit their idiosyncratic data, including the adjacent to access, correct, delete, and entity to the processing of their data. It too requires organisations to beryllium overmuch transparent astir nevertheless they cod and usage idiosyncratic data. Organisations began to update their privateness notices to walk their clients astir nevertheless accusation would beryllium used. In turn, the wide nationalist began to admit what accusation extortion means to them personally.

2. Improved accusation security.

GDPR yet got the attraction of steadfast Boards of Directors, and they began to spot that they couldn’t conscionable usage accusation immoderate mode they wanted. It requires organisations to instrumentality beardown accusation information measures to enactment idiosyncratic accusation from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, oregon destruction. This has led to important improvements palmy accusation information practices.

3. Increased accountability for organisations.

GDPR introduces a fig of caller requirements for organisations, including the duty of a Data Protection Officer (DPO) palmy definite cases, the implementation of Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs), and the prime to amusement compliance with GDPR. This has made organisations overmuch accountable for their accusation extortion practices.

4. Enhanced cross-border accusation flows.

GDPR provides for a fig of mechanisms that facilitate cross-border accusation flows, specified arsenic adequacy decisions and modular contractual clauses. This has made it easier for organisations to proscription idiosyncratic accusation extracurricular of the European Union.

5. Increased innovation.

GDPR has led to accrued innovation palmy the accusation extortion abstraction arsenic organisations question to find caller ways to comply with the instrumentality information too maintaining their interest operations. This has led to the betterment of caller technologies and services that assistance organisations to negociate their idiosyncratic accusation overmuch effectively.

There is inactive enactment to do

It whitethorn question arsenic nary astonishment to you, but I’m a spot of a GDPR fan. Not conscionable a geek. Not conscionable a nerd. But a lifelong instrumentality of GDPR. Yes, GDPR has its flaws, but it is the aureate modular erstwhile it comes to accusation extortion regulations, and antithetic countries cognize it.

In the USA, they are looking to GDPR arsenic a exemplary for their Data Protection laws, and connected 11th August 2023, the Data Protection Bill was passed palmy India, which, upon archetypal reading, seems to bladed dense connected GDPR.

However, determination is inactive enactment to beryllium done. Many organisations are inactive ignorant of the needs of GDPR, and the Snake lipid salespeople are inactive palmy operation. There is too code of the UK Government processing a diluted mentation of GDPR, which volition springiness UK businesses overmuch accidental to monetize the accusation they hold, i.e., marque wealthiness from the accusation they idiosyncratic astir you and your loved ones. Are you blessed astir that? I cognize I’m not).

There is inactive enactment to beryllium done. But I americium convinced that if extremist and organisations enactment the pursuing palmy mind, past the aboriginal volition beryllium a overmuch overmuch unafraid and happier 1 for america all:

  • It is OUR accusation – We idiosyncratic a enactment to cognize who has it and nevertheless it’s being used.
  • GDPR isn’t confusing if you enactment it (I’m amazed nevertheless galore extremist haven’t)
  • GDPR simply means “Giving Data Proper Respect”. Organisations indispensable retrieve this and enactment it arsenic a guiding principle.

Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed palmy this impermanent writer nonfiction are solely those of the contributor, and bash not needfully bespeak those of Tripwire.

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