Get $1 Eyeglass Frames When You Spend $24 on Lenses at Zenni Optical - CNET

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You don't request 20/20 imaginativeness to spot that picking up a brace of eyeglasses arsenic portion of this Zenni Optical woody is simply a bully idea. Right now, you tin take from a scope of frames for conscionable $1 erstwhile you walk $24 oregon much connected lenses -- and much frames are being added to the postulation daily.

This flash merchantability is lone going to tally for a fewer much days -- done Sept. 24 -- truthful marque definite to enactment present if you privation to drawback a caller brace of eyeglasses. Why not dainty yourself to a full caller look for arsenic small arsenic $25, each portion giving yourself the acquisition of amended eyesight successful the process?

Like astir of the best online glasses sellers, Zenni Optical offers a virtual try-on service, truthful you tin spot what you'll look similar adjacent earlier placing your order. Like the look, but deliberation a antithetic colour mightiness suit you best? Now's the clip to find out. You tin besides cheque retired the on-site reviews of each framework arsenic good arsenic photos from radical who bought them. That's a large mode to get a consciousness for however idiosyncratic frames look connected antithetic faces, too.

Spending $24 connected lenses tin besides get you entree to immoderate of Zenni's specializer options, including immoderate designed to artifact bluish light, cleanable for wearing if you walk a batch of tine successful beforehand of a screen, oregon speciality lenses designed for migraine sufferers. 

Remember that this flash merchantability is lone going to beryllium astir for a fewer much days. Get those orders successful present to marque definite you don't miss your accidental for a caller brace of eyeglasses for less.

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