Get Hulu for 99 cents a month for a year (No, that’s not a typo)

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hulu 99 cents


  • You tin presently get Hulu for 99 cents a period for a year.
  • This Black Friday/Cyber Monday woody is for caller subscribers and eligible aged customers.
  • The peculiar promo ends astatine 11:59 PM PT connected November 29.

There are really rather a fewer streaming services that are offering large discounts during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday clip play this year. However, we deliberation the champion woody is the 1 being offered by Disney for its US-only streaming work Hulu. Starting now, you tin drawback up Hulu for a twelvemonth for conscionable 99 cents a month.

This connection is the lowest for Hulu successful 3 years. It antecedently had the aforesaid 99 cent promo woody successful 2018, past during Black Friday successful 2019 and 2020 the promo went up to $1.99 a period for a year. We fishy it whitethorn ne'er beryllium this debased again.

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Hulu offers not lone thousands of movies and TV shows to stream, it besides has archetypal shows and films similar The Handmaid's Tale. You tin upgrade to Hulu Plus Live TV to get unrecorded channels, including your section stations.

Just for clarification, the woody is for the Hulu subscription program that is usually $6.99 a month, with video ads. The Hulu 99 cents promotion is for caller subscribers on with eligible returning users. So this woody is for you if you’ve ne'er signed up for the work earlier oregon if you haven’t had an progressive subscription for a while. Oh, and there’s nary 30-day escaped proceedings with this promotion.

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So what bash you get for your $11.88? Well, you summation entree to a batch of large existent and classical TV shows, including galore shows connected ABC, Fox, and NBC that person their caller episodes added to Hulu the time aft they are broadcast. There are besides tons of large movies successful Hulu’s streaming room arsenic well. Best of all, determination are immoderate terrific movies and shows that are exclusive to Hulu. That includes the Emmy-winning play The Handmaid’s Tale, the caller dramedy deed Only Murders In The Building, and different large originals like, well, The Great, for example.

You person until 11:59 PM PT connected November 29 (2:59 AM ET connected November 30) to get this peculiar Hulu 99 cents deal. Twelve months for little than $12 sounds similar an connection astir radical wouldn’t refuse.

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