Going meta: Disney, Second Life and K-pop

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Second Life creator Philip Rosedale returns to the fold, Disney's patent for a "virtual-world simulator successful a real-world venue” suggests an introduction to the Metaverse, and Animal Concerts partners with South Korea-based Kakao’s Klaytn project.

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 Disney, Second Life and K-pop

Following the announcement that Facebook’s genitor institution would beryllium rebranding successful a displacement towards the Metaverse, galore projects person started akin initiatives entering the virtual space, from buying spot to investigating the limits of what this beingness has to offer. 

Visit Disneyland… successful the Metaverse?

The amusement institution down immoderate of the astir fashionable taxable parks successful the satellite recently had a patent approved for a “virtual-world simulator successful a real-world venue.” Though the Los Angeles Times reported that Disney had “no existent plans” to usage the simulator successful the adjacent future, the exertion does suggest Disneyland and Disney World guests whitethorn yet spot Metaverse attractions astatine 1 oregon much of the parks successful the United States, Hong Kong, China, France and Japan.

Disney World successful Orlando, Florida. Source: Pexels

The tech would enactment by tracking visitors utilizing their mobile phones and generating and projecting personalized 3D effects onto adjacent carnal spaces, specified arsenic walls and different objects successful the park. According to the patent application, Disney’s imaginable foray into the Metaverse could “provide users with realistic and highly immersive individualized 3D virtual experiences without requiring those users to deterioration an augmented world AR viewing device.”

K-pop successful the Metaverse?

On Monday, Metaverse performance organizer Animal Concerts announced it had inked a deal with South Korean unicorn Kakao’s Klaytn web arsenic portion of a program to summation its vulnerability to the country’s amusement industry. Animal Concerts CEO Colin Fitzpatrick said that “Klaytn’s large goals are NFTs and Metaverse.”

“Technical limitations prohibit however galore radical tin really be a performance successful the Metaverse,” said Fitzpatrick, referencing scalability issues. He aims to physique a web of virtual venues crossed existing and caller Metaverse platforms to big concerts with a assortment of talent, seemingly including K-pop artists.

Second Life creator returns arsenic task goes meta

Linden Lab, the institution down the virtual online satellite Second Life, announced connected Thursday laminitis Philip Rosedale would beryllium rejoining the project arsenic a strategical advisor on with Metaverse squad members of San Francisco-based VR institution High Fidelity. According to the firm, the summation of the caller and aged endowment would facilitate Second Life’s introduction into the Metaverse.

“Virtual worlds don’t request to beryllium dystopias,” said Rosedale. “Big Tech giving distant VR headsets and gathering a metaverse connected their ad-driven, behavior-modification platforms isn’t going to make a magical, azygous integer utopia for everyone.”

Launched successful 2003, Second Life was 1 of the earliest virtual satellite experiences earlier the connectivity of modern societal media platforms similar Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Rosedale departed arsenic the CEO of Linden Labs successful 2008 earlier going connected to recovered High Fidelity successful 2013. His instrumentality could people a important milestone for incorporating caller Metaverse-themed ideas into established platforms:

Philip Rosedale returning to Linden Labs (breaking quality today) decidedly reminds maine of Steve Jobs successful the 90s returning to Apple #secondlife #metaverse

— Andrew Oleksiuk (they/them) (@Andrew_Oleksiuk) January 13, 2022

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