Gollum developers apologize for the game’s ‘underwhelming experience’

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The developers down The Lord of the Rings: Gollum person posted an apology aft critics and players alike slammed the rubric for lackluster gameplay, unrefined graphics, and wide bugginess. In a connection posted to Twitter and Steam, Daedalic Entertainment says it’s atrocious for the game’s “underwhelming experience.”

“We admit and profoundly regret that the crippled did not conscionable the expectations we acceptable for ourselves oregon for our dedicated community,” the connection reads. “We genuinely worth your feedback and person been actively listening to your voices, speechmaking your comments, and analyzing the constructive disapproval and suggestions you person provided.”

The workplace adds that it has been moving connected fixes for immoderate of the bugs and show issues players experienced and says it volition support users updated connected its progress.

Gollum, which is acceptable during the events of The Fellowship of the Ring, is an action-adventure crippled for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S, and PC. (It’s acceptable to travel to Nintendo Switch aboriginal this year.) During the game, you instrumentality power of Gollum and his 2 personalities arsenic you effort to sneak astir orcs and flight Mordor. Unfortunately, it didn’t instrumentality precise agelong for antagonistic reviews to commencement flooding successful pursuing its merchandise connected Thursday.

While Polygon writes the crippled sorely lacked personality, GameSpot notes it crashed implicit 120 times successful 11 hours of playtime, and IGN says it’s simply “not amusive to play.” The PC mentation of the crippled presently has a standing of 41 connected Metacritic and a “Mostly Negative” reception connected Steam. With this successful mind, it’s not wide however overmuch the game’s developers tin bash to really hole the game, speech from getting immoderate show issues sorted out.

Gollum isn’t the lone crippled to endure a troubled motorboat arsenic of late. Just weeks aft Naughty Dog apologized to players implicit a buggy merchandise of The Last of Us Part 1 connected PC past month, EA issued a akin apology astir the show issues plaguing the PC mentation of Star Wars: Jedi Survivor.

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