Google Assistant Is Still Missing on New Wear OS 3 Watches

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Samsung Galaxy Watch4 with Google Assistant.Gabo_Arts/

Samsung released the Galaxy Watch 4 past year arsenic the archetypal ticker with Wear OS 3, the latest mentation of Google’s wearable bundle platform. It yet received Google Assistant a fewer months ago, but present the aforesaid occupation has happened with the 2nd Wear OS 3 watch.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 shipped without the quality to usage Google Assistant, adjacent though it utilized the aforesaid Wear OS bundle acquisition included Assistant (and Google Now earlier that) connected each different ticker model. Samsung and Google ne'er provided a wide reply connected wherefore it was initially missing — Samsung astir apt preferred you usage its ain Bixby dependable adjunct — but an update successful May added the quality to usage Assistant.

Nearly a twelvemonth aft the Galaxy Watch 4 was released, we present person our 2nd ticker moving Wear OS 3, the Montblanc Summit 3. However, it’s also missing Google Assistant. Michael Fisher confirmed the occupation successful a merchandise reappraisal for the Summit 3, and there’s not adjacent an alternate virtual assistant, which the Galaxy Watch does offer.

We’ve reached retired to Google to inquire if the institution has immoderate further statements oregon information, but the institution did not respond successful clip for publication. Google provided the pursuing connection to Fisher:

Our precedence with Wear OS is to present a precocious performing level for our partners and users, and we are taking the clip to guarantee our apps and services present a prime experience. We person thing much to stock astatine this time.

Google and Samsung were co-developing Wear OS 3 for an extended play earlier it arrived connected the Galaxy Watch 4, and Google has had astir a afloat twelvemonth to decorativeness moving connected a mentation for different ticker makers to use. That makes the missing Assistant a bizarre omission, particularly erstwhile the Montblanc Summit 3 is simply a luxury smartwatch that costs $1,290.

Google volition merchandise its ain Pixel Watch with Wear OS aboriginal this year, which is expected to see Google Assistant.

Source: Michael Fisher
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