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The Google Cloud Platform is simply a robust offering successful the unreality space, with a myriad of unreality options, including entity storage. While we emotion options of wherever the server is located, and the prime of support, we find the pricing confusing, and the amended enactment packages expensive


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    Free trial

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    Multicloud solutions

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    Transparent pricing

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    AES256 encryption


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    Lacks nonstop telephone support

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    Confusing pricing for novices

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    High outgo of support

Ask your favourite tech idiosyncratic which companies they deliberation astir erstwhile it comes to a unreality retention provider, and it’s a beauteous harmless stake that Google Cloud Storage makes the abbreviated list. Therefore, it should not travel arsenic a astonishment that Google besides offers entity retention arsenic portion of its unreality offering.

A seasoned successful the space, according to Statista, Google derives astir 7% of its gross from cloud storage (opens successful caller tab), which amounts to astir $13 cardinal successful 2020. The Google Cloud Platform tin big SaaS, IaaS and PaaS to groups each astir the globe done its hyperscale information centers. This each contributed to the hunt motor giant’s $256.7 cardinal successful gross for 2021. In fact, a staggering 19% of organizations tally their workloads via the Google Cloud Platform.

Google Cloud Storage: Plans and pricing 

Google Cloud does mean to beryllium transparent astir its prices, and besides offers a $300 recognition that tin beryllium spent implicit 90 days to fto users effort retired the service. The amended way to get pricing is via a customized quote, arsenic for a novice, the pricing tin get reasonably confusing.

Looking around, determination are prices for the Google Cloud Services, but the prices alteration depending connected the portion of the state the information is served from, and besides whether it is successful a azygous region, a dual region, oregon successful aggregate regions of North America. There is besides pricing disposable connected antithetic continents arsenic well.

Google Cloud Storage pricing

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By mode of example, for a azygous server successful South Carolina that gets designated arsenic US-east1, for modular retention (as opposed to archive, nearline, oregon coldline which each person a antithetic cost), the complaint is $0.20 per GB  per month. 

Google Cloud Storage: Features 

It’s beauteous elemental to spot wherefore businesses crook to Google erstwhile it comes to unreality services. Being specified a ample company, Google tin connection multicloud solutions, for a precocious level of ratio and reliability that lone a fewer different solutions tin offer. This past provides a accordant level passim the full deployment with “A service-centric presumption of each your environment.”

There is besides a ‘Trusted unreality infrastructure,’ that provides a precocious level of information to each of the stored data, and successful information information is protected via the aforesaid tools that Google uses to support its ain information harmless and secure. This involves progressive layers for a scaled defense, and includes encryption of information astatine rest, and besides successful transit. This encryption is AES256, via the Google's cardinal Key Management Service, and inclusion of the FIPS 140-2 Level 1 validated module, BoringCrypto that is utilized crossed the Google Cloud services.

Google Cloud Storage support

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Google Cloud Storage: Support 

Support for the Google Cloud Platform is surely contiguous and available, though not arsenic nonstop arsenic we mightiness similar to see. While determination is simply a nonstop fig listed, it is designated to telephone the income team, with hours of weekdays, 8 AM to 8 PM. There is besides an enactment for a interaction signifier to beryllium completed for a callback, which is besides for the income team.

For support, determination is nary nonstop fig listed. Rather, users request to caput implicit to the enactment conception of the site. From there, a task indispensable archetypal beryllium selected, and past determination are immoderate choices, including enactment via chat, telephone and community. 

All users of Google unreality get the basal enactment tier included successful the subscription, but it lone provides assistance with billing, entree to the community, and the documentation for aforesaid help. 

There is the enactment to upgrade the support, starting with the Standard tier. While the lone connection disposable is English, it does adhd multi-channel billing support, multi-channel method support, and 8 AM to 5 PM effect for high-impact issues and a 4 hr effect for P2 issues. The outgo is $29 per month, positive 3% of the monthly charges.

Then determination is enhanced support, which upgrades to a 1 hr effect for a P1 issue, 24/7 effect for precocious interaction issues, and has disposable method enactment escalations. This amended enactment jumps the outgo considerably to $500/month, with an further 3% of the monthly charges. It besides adds to the enactment languages to encompass English, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and Korean.

Finally, determination is precedence support, which ups the ante further to a 15 infinitesimal effect clip for a P1 issue, has an assigned Technical relationship Manager, an Event Management Service, grooming credits and Customer Aware support. This level of enactment does bid the premium of $12.5K monthly, on with 4% of the monthly cost. 

Also consider 

Google Cloud Service is surely a tenable enactment successful this space, and we tin spot wherefore truthful galore businesses take it fixed the robust and unafraid servers. We would comparison it against IDrive e2 (opens successful caller tab), different entity unreality supplier that offers precocious server uptime with multiplatform support, but besides has a escaped tier, on with worth pricing and amended included support. 

Final verdict 

The Google Cloud Platform enjoys a important marketplace stock for plentifulness of bully reasons. These see the escaped trial, the astir endless options for choosing retention with the quality to specify locations and numbers of servers, and the AES256 encryption throughout. 

We did find immoderate shortcomings, specified arsenic that this work is much expensive, and that the support, depending connected the tier, tin earnestly adhd thousands further to the outgo for a idiosyncratic that needs the apical level of support. However, for an endeavor exertion that needs a apical service, this Google Cloud Platform is much than worthy of making the abbreviated database of entity work providers.  

We've besides featured the champion escaped unreality storage.

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