Google could be aiming to double its 2020 shipments with Pixel 6 series alone

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google pixel 6 pro range


  • It’s believed Google has asked its partners to manufacture implicit 7 cardinal Pixel 6 bid phones.
  • This would beryllium astir treble the company’s smartphone shipments successful 2020.

Google is scheduled to uncover its Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro today, being the latest flagship phones from the Mountain View company. And it sounds similar the institution mightiness person highly precocious hopes for the caller devices.

Google has asked its suppliers to marque implicit 7 cardinal Pixel 6 bid phones, Nikkei Asia reports, citing its ain sources. The outlet claims that this is astir treble the tech giant’s smartphone shipments of 3.7 cardinal units successful 2020, pointing to IDC statistics.

It’s not similar the institution is producing much models than past year, either. The steadfast offered the Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G, and Pixel 5 successful 2020, portion 2021 volition spot the Pixel 5a and 2 Pixel 6 bid phones. On the different hand, Google was 1 of respective companies affected by pandemic-related manufacturing woes past year.

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Nikkei‘s sources besides assertion that Google has asked its proviso partners to nutrient implicit 5 cardinal Pixel 5a devices. This would besides transcend Google’s reported shipments for 2020. However, it’s worthy noting that the Pixel 5a lone launched successful Japan and the US. So it’s unclear whether this evident petition lone applies to these 2 markets oregon if Google plans to motorboat the mid-ranger successful much countries down the line.

The outlet adds that Google is specifically aiming to bargain marketplace stock from Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi. All 3 brands person gained marketplace stock pursuing Huawei’s US-induced slide.

Two sources besides claimed that the institution is moving connected a caller PixelBook and that it’s processing processors for its Chromebooks.

Do you deliberation Google volition beryllium capable to out-perform its 2020 income with the Pixel 5a and Pixel 6 series? Let america cognize via the canvass below.

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