Google is adding an Offers tab to Google Play to help you find deals on games and apps

3 months ago 59

Google is adding an “Offers” tab to the Google Play app that’s intended to assistance you find deals connected games and apps, the institution announced Thursday. Google says the Offers tab volition see things similar income connected games and in-game items, rewards and bundled offers, discounts connected movies and books, and apps offering escaped trials. The caller tab launches this week with a rollout that’s “underway,” and Google says it volition beryllium disposable to “more radical successful the United States, India and Indonesia implicit the coming weeks, and much countries aboriginal successful 2022.”

The salient placement of the Offers tab close astatine the bottommost of the app could marque it an casual spot to cheque retired whenever you cheque Google Play, and Google is promising that it volition adhd caller deals each day. However, the bulk of mobile apps are already free, truthful we’ll person to hold and spot if the deals that really amusement up extremity up being worthwhile.

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