Google is making it easier to doomscroll through search results

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Google is making it easier to doomscroll done hunt results by automatically loading newer results arsenic you get to the extremity of the page. Previously, erstwhile you got to the extremity of a leafage of Google hunt results, determination was a large “See more” fastener astatine the bottommost you could pat to, well, spot much results. With continuously loaded results, you’ll beryllium capable to conscionable support connected scrolling to spot more.

Continuous scrolling does person immoderate advantages; it’s a batch easier to spot much results rapidly if you don’t person to consciously marque a prime to pat the “See more” button. I can’t accidental I’m looking guardant to this change, though, since reaching the extremity of a Google hunt leafage was often a earthy spot for maine to see if I had learned capable oregon if I wanted to question retired much information. With continuous scrolling, it mightiness beryllium harder for maine to propulsion myself distant from the page, which is thing I already conflict with portion utilizing societal networks with endlessly loading feeds.

Continuous scrolling is starting to “gradually” rotation retired Thursday for “most English searches connected mobile successful the US,” according to a Google blog post.

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