Google is now requiring office workers to get weekly molecular COVID-19 tests

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Google volition necessitate anyone going to 1 of its US offices oregon facilities to person received a antagonistic molecular trial for COVID-19, the institution informed employees Thursday successful a memo obtained by CNBC. Workers going to the bureau regularly volition person to get tested weekly, main wellness serviceman Karen DeSalvo said successful the memo, and employees person been asked to study their vaccination status and deterioration surgical-grade masks indoors.

Google spokesperson Lora Lee Erickson confirmed to The Verge that a caller impermanent COVID-19 argumentation is present being implemented, 1 wherever “anyone accessing our sites successful the US are expected to get a caller antagonistic COVID-19 molecular trial earlier coming onsite” and that it’s offering assorted kinds of tests astatine nary cost.

Google offers escaped at-home investigating to full-time employees and declaration workers done BioIQ’s PCR-based nasal swab tests, Erickson said, but Bloomberg reported this week that full-time employees besides person entree to molecular tests from Cue Health that tin springiness results successful conscionable a fewer minutes. Contractors, connected the different hand, are specifically being offered the mail-in BioIQ tests, according to a tweet from the Alphabet Workers Union, which means they indispensable hold longer for a result. Erickson tells america that immoderate Google contractors astatine the company’s datacenters person entree to accelerated on-site investigating utilizing the Cue machines, though.

The changes get arsenic COVID-19 cases person surged crossed the state and as the omicron variant spreads. These caller policies adhd to Google’s directive from December requiring employees to get vaccinated oregon hazard being forced to instrumentality permission and yet beryllium fired. The institution delayed its mandatory instrumentality to the bureau to immoderate constituent this year successful August.

This week, Meta besides upped its wellness policies for employees, requiring anyone returning to its offices erstwhile they unfastened astatine the extremity of March to person received a booster dose of a vaccine.

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