Google mistakenly lists ‘Pixel 6a’ in coloring book for Superfans

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Google Pixel 6a Coloring Book 4


  • A promotional coloring publication sent to prime Pixel Superfans contains a notation to a Google Pixel 6a.
  • The Pixel 6a does not really look successful the coloring book, but it mightiness person astatine 1 time.
  • Google has yet to corroborate this smartphone exists, truthful this is apt an oversight by the book’s editor.

With the motorboat of the Pixel 6 series successful October past year, the adjacent Pixel-branded smartphone we expect to spot should beryllium an “A” variant of those phones. This is however Google’s operated for respective years now, truthful it’s a bygone conclusion.

As per Droid-Life, prime Pixel Superfans received a coloring publication and a Nest Audio successful the message recently. The coloring publication is filled with Google products drawn successful outline form. This allows you to colour successful the pages and marque the Google astute location setup of your wildest dreams.

On the array of contents for this book, you tin spot “Pixel 6a” wide arsenic time associated with pages six and seven. However, those pages don’t amusement immoderate Google smartphone, fto unsocial the unannounced Google Pixel 6a.

You tin spot the array of contents leafage and corresponding pages below.

Google Pixel 6a: Whoops

Considering pages six and 7 don’t person immoderate smartphones connected them, it’s highly apt this is each a large mistake. It’s imaginable the Google Pixel 6a did look connected those pages astatine 1 clip but was removed since the telephone is unannounced. The listing successful the array of contents, then, would beryllium a remnant from erstwhile the telephone did look wrong the book.

On the different hand, it could beryllium that an exertion conscionable enactment the Pixel 6a notation successful determination by accident. Either way, the Pixel 6a doesn’t really look anyplace but connected the array of contents.

If you’re not a Pixel Superfan, you won’t beryllium seeing this coloring publication successful your mailbox. You tin inactive instrumentality a look astatine it virtually astatine if you consciousness similar it.

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