Google Photos Magic Editor: What is it and how does it work?

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Google Photos Magic Editor

At Google I/O 2023, Google announced a chill caller upcoming diagnostic for Google Photos called Magic Editor. With the powerfulness of AI, Google Photos volition soon beryllium capable to marque immoderate alternatively unreal edits to your favourite pics. But what is Magic Editor, and however does it work? We explicate this successful this article!

What is Magic Editor successful Google Photos? How does it work?

Google Photos is 1 of the astir fashionable photograph assemblage apps connected Android. It gained aboriginal popularity done Google’s escaped upload promotion, allowing users to upload unlimited high-quality photograph backups to their Google account. While the perk is nary longer unlimited, its popularity has carried implicit arsenic the app has continuously added caller features implicit the years.

Magic Editor is 1 specified diagnostic that Google is adding that volition summation the inferior of Google Photos. Google is making usage of generative AI and different AI techniques to marque analyzable edits to a photograph without needing applicable pro-level editing skills.

This isn’t the archetypal clip that Google Photos is making usage of AI. AI is already utilized for features similar Magic Eraser and Photo Unblur wrong Google Photos. And they work amazingly well, raising our hopes for Magic Editor.

Google Photos Magic Editor features


One of the premier features that Google showed disconnected successful its demo was however Magic Editor would beryllium capable to assistance reframe a photograph that has already been taken. Magic Editor volition let you to reposition the taxable of your changeable to the champion spot successful the frame.

This is large for radical who whitethorn person a basal imaginativeness of the photograph but whitethorn not person realized the imperfection successful their photograph astatine the clip of capture. With the magic of AI, they tin lucifer their executed photograph to their vision.

Generating caller content

Magic Editor is heavy reliant connected generative AI, and that allows it to excel successful tasks that necessitate generating caller content. As shown successful the I/O demo, Google Photos could region the unsightly strap of a container connected a person, utilizing generative AI to capable successful contented for what was down that strap.

With some framing and caller contented generating, Magic Editor tin propulsion disconnected immoderate analyzable tricks.

In its demos, Google showed disconnected however you could reposition a idiosyncratic from lasting connected the offside of the waterfall to being perfectly positioned adjacent it.

Google Photos Magic Editor balloons

In the 2nd demo, Magic Editor would fto you propulsion the kid to the halfway of the image, utilizing the powerfulness of generative AI to make extensions for the seat and the balloons.

When volition Google Photos’ Magic Editor go available?

Early entree to Google Photos’ Magic Editor diagnostic volition beryllium rolled retired to prime Pixel phones by the extremity of 2023. Google has not provided a narrower timeframe for aboriginal access. We’ll person to hold a portion for the diagnostic to postgraduate from aboriginal entree to a unchangeable merchandise channel.

Google volition beryllium utilizing the aboriginal entree preview arsenic an accidental to stitchery feedback from users and marque improvements. So this aboriginal entree preview is precise important to the occurrence of Magic Editor.

Is Google Photos’ Magic Editor lone disposable for Google One subscribers and Pixel users?

Google has mentioned that Magic Editor volition beryllium disposable lone connected prime Pixel phones. There has been nary notation of Google One subscribers successful their announcement.

If we are allowed to speculate, we judge the diagnostic volition apt beryllium restricted to Pixel phones with the Tensor and Tensor G2 SoCs, truthful the Pixel 6 bid and Pixel 7 bid (including A-series). There’s a accidental that older Pixel phones whitethorn not marque the cut. Further, it would marque consciousness that erstwhile the diagnostic graduates from aboriginal access, it remains restricted to paid Google One subscribers. We volition update this nonfiction erstwhile Google confirms immoderate further details.


No, the Magic Editor diagnostic has not been rolled retired yet successful Google Photos. It has lone been demoed astatine Google I/O.

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