Google Pixel 6 series might get face unlock smarts after all

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Ryan Haines / Android Authority


  • Evidence suggests that the Pixel 6 bid whitethorn get look unlock successful a aboriginal update.
  • A perpetrate highlights the diagnostic whitethorn necessitate much powerfulness gully refinements.
  • Face unlock would beryllium a invited companion to the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro’s in-display fingerprint sensor.

The Pixel 6 series is Google’s astir feature-packed smartphone enactment to date, but determination was 1 glaring diagnostic omission astatine launch. Despite respective rumors highlighting the imaginable instrumentality of look unlock enactment to the flagships, neither Pixel 6 instrumentality featured it. However, this seemingly doesn’t mean Google isn’t inactive moving connected the feature.

According to developer Freak07 (h/t XDA-Developers), there’s inactive grounds that look unlock is successful the works lurking wrong a perpetrate published backmost successful July. Specifically mentioning “face unlock” and the Tensor SoC’s “gs101” interior name, the commit stresses that there’s presently a powerfulness usage contented with the feature. Although it’s seemingly functional, the perpetrate suggests look unlock is overutilizing CPU resources erstwhile not required, perchance impacting artillery life. This could beryllium 1 of the reasons Google decided to forego look unlock connected the Pixel 6 bid connected motorboat day.

Nevertheless, Google whitethorn inactive beryllium moving connected refining look unlock, but whether it volition activate it successful a aboriginal update remains chartless for now.

Google’s look unlock and fingerprint scanners

Google has flipped betwixt fingerprint scanners and look unlock successful caller Pixel releases. The Pixel 4 lacked fingerprint recognition, lone utilizing facial unlock smarts for authentication. The Pixel 5 flipped this, dropping facial unlock for a rear fingerprint scanner.

While the Pixel 6 bid present uses an in-display fingerprint sensor, it’s not without its problems. Completely draining the Pixel 6’s artillery could seemingly permission the sensor inoperable. Users person besides lamented the sensor’s hold successful recognizing a fingerprint, but Google claims this is simply a security measure alternatively than a bug.

Either way, having much than 1 reliable authentication method is ever preferable. Here’s to hoping Google enables facial unlock smarts connected the Pixel 6 bid soon.

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