Google’s critical Pixel 6 January update is here for some

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Google appears to beryllium getting acceptable to merchandise a much-anticipated update for Pixel 6 phones. Android adept Mishaal Rahman notes that Google has posted OTA and factory images for the January 2022 spot to its developer site. That means anyone tin side-load the update to their Pixel telephone now, but it besides means the authoritative over-the-air update volition beryllium coming to your instrumentality soon — and it mightiness beryllium champion to hold until then, fixed the occupation caused by December’s update.

The January update should see galore bug fixes that Pixel 6 owners person been anxiously awaiting. Google had primitively intended to vessel them successful the December update but halted and yet removed the files from its tract erstwhile users complained of connectivity troubles aft installing the patch. Google says that the January update volition hole the problems caused by December’s update, arsenic good arsenic the existing bugs that person driven at slightest 1 well-known Pixel 6 user to ditch the telephone entirely.

With the images nationalist and one Canadian telecom company citing Monday, January 17th for the release, it looks highly apt that the authoritative update volition commencement going retired successful the adjacent week. That’s nary excessively soon for radical who bought the Pixel 6 oregon 6 Pro expecting to get a premium device. While the hardware is genuinely flagship-level, the bundle acquisition hasn’t been precisely smooth.

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