Google’s latest feature drop makes Wear OS more useful and expands dark web reporting

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Google’s acheronian web reporting diagnostic — a work that allows users to tally one-off scans to spot if their Gmail code has been exposed to the seedier corners of the net — is present afloat disposable connected astir Google accounts crossed the US. It’s 1 of conscionable a fistful of updates announced successful Google’s latest Android diagnostic drop, which is different looking reasonably sparse arsenic we attack the nationalist rollout of Android 14 aboriginal this year.

Dark web reports are escaped and tin beryllium tally manually from the Google One website and app successful the US. If you’re successful the US, past conscionable browse implicit to, wherever you should spot a “try now” enactment successful the acheronian web scan section.

A gif of Google’s acheronian  web reporting instrumentality   that showcases however  to commencement  a scan from an Android mobile phone.

Google’s acheronian web study volition cheque if your email code has been exposed connected the internet’s underbelly and supply users with guidance connected however they tin support their online information.

Image: Google

The reporting diagnostic was antecedently exclusive to those paying for a Google One unreality retention membership, but determination are inactive acheronian web benefits for those who subscribe — Google One members tin present commencement automatically monitoring their online accusation and hunt for further idiosyncratic accusation similar societal information numbers. Google says that the acheronian web reporting instrumentality volition beryllium rolled retired to implicit 20 further countries “in the coming months.”

Some further updates announced contiguous see caller capabilities for smartwatches moving older versions of Wear OS. Spotify’s DJ feature, a Premium subscriber work that uses AI to admit your listening habits and suggest caller songs, is rolling retired connected Wear OS mentation 2 (and newer) devices successful the US, the UK, Canada, and Ireland. Google Wallet has besides been updated connected Wear OS 2 to enactment SmarTrip and Clipper outgo cards for nationalist transportation, allowing commuters successful Washington, DC, and the San Francisco Bay country to wage for their rail, bus, and parking by tapping their smartwatch to a contactless receiver.

Finally, a caller note-taking tile is disposable for Google Keep connected Wear OS that allows users to adhd a azygous enactment oregon to-do database that tin beryllium rapidly accessed via their smartwatch. The caller enactment tile for Google Keep is rolling retired to Wear OS 3 (and newer) devices globally contiguous and is disposable successful each supported languages.

It would look that Google is slowing down its releases up of the nationalist rollout of Android 14, which is presently expected to get successful August 2023. The institution hardly mentioned the upcoming OS astatine its caller Google I/O keynote, but Android 14 has been in beta for some time now, truthful we person a reasonably bully thought of what to expect erstwhile it does arrive.

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