Google shows off all Pixel 7 Pro colors in all their glory in new video

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back of pixel 7


  • Google has released a caller YouTube video focused connected the Pixel 7 Pro.
  • The video shows disconnected the plan and each the colors the Pixel 7 Pro volition travel in.
  • The 3 colors are Obsidian (black), Snow (white), and Hazel (grayish greenish and gold).

If you’ve been dying to spot much of the Pixel 7 Pro, past Google has conscionable answered your wish. The Mountain View-based institution has conscionable released a caller YouTube video that’s focused connected the plan and colors of the Pixel 7 Pro.

At the opening of the 43-second video, we get a close-up of the handset with its caller metallic camera bar, which replaces the Pixel 6 Pro’s solid camera bar. The video past transitions into a full-body changeable of the backmost of the telephone that shows disconnected the instrumentality successful its Obsidian (black) color. We past get immoderate bully shots of the telephone successful its Snow (white) and Hazel (grayish greenish and gold) colour variants.

For the astir part, the Pixel 7 Pro’s plan volition beryllium overmuch similar its predecessor. However, arsenic mentioned earlier, the camera barroom volition beryllium covered successful metallic alternatively of glass. In addition, it looks similar the powerfulness fastener and the measurement rocker won’t beryllium shiny and creaseless similar the remainder of the side. Rather, some buttons volition person a much grainy texture to them.

Once again, it looks similar Google shied distant from showing disconnected the phone’s screen. However, we precocious saw an authoritative glimpse astatine what to expect screen-wise acknowledgment to a screen representation provided by Google’s Pixel superfans Facebook page.

We’re lone a week distant from Google’s October 6 hardware lawsuit wherever we’ll yet get the afloat details connected the Pixel 7 series. Are you going to beryllium upgrading to the Pixel 7? Let america cognize successful the comments.

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