Google TV Devices to Gain 50 Free Live TV Channels

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Aug 8, 2022, 12:19 p.m. EDT | 1 min read

Free unrecorded  TV channels connected  a Google TV astute  TV.9to5Google, TCL (Modified)

Late past year, we heard rumors that Google TV would summation a escaped ad-supported unrecorded TV service. And it seems that this diagnostic is astir acceptable to launch—as discovered by 9to5Google, the latest Android TV launcher APK contains references to 50 “Google TV Channels.”

The escaped unrecorded TV channels volition beryllium disposable “without the request to subscribe, sign-up, oregon download,” according to information uncovered successful the APK. Once the escaped channels rotation out, they should automatically look successful the “Live” tab and transmission usher connected your Google TV homescreen.

To our surprise, galore of the escaped Google TV Channels are offered by well-known companies. You tin ticker quality from ABC, CBC, oregon NBC, for example. Movie channels similar American Classics, Maverick Black Cinema, and Hallmark marque an appearance, and there’s adjacent a transmission for Showtime astatine the Apollo.

Most of these channels are already offered by third-party services, specified arsenic Pluto TV oregon Tubi. I should besides enactment that Pluto TV integrates with Google TV’s transmission guide. If you privation escaped unrecorded TV, you don’t request to hold for Google TV Channels to drop.

We aren’t definite erstwhile Google TV Channels volition spell live. Additionally, we’re not definite if Android TV devices (such arsenic the NVIDIA Shield) volition person entree to this content. But it seems that Google is astir all-set to motorboat this service, arsenic it’s already partnered with companies similar ABC and Condé Nast to supply content.

Source: 9to5Google

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