Google will let you keep scrolling (and scrolling) search results on mobile - CNET

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Google's Chrome browser James Martin/CNET

Google is rolling retired continuous scrolling successful Search connected mobile devices, the institution said Thursday. This means erstwhile you scope the bottommost of a hunt results page, alternatively of having to click to the adjacent page, you'll find that much results volition automatically load. 

Google suggested the diagnostic is utile for opened-ended questions, erstwhile radical whitethorn beryllium looking for inspiration alternatively than a circumstantial answer. 

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"While you tin often find what you're looking for successful the archetypal fewer results, sometimes you privation to support looking," Google merchandise manager Niru Anand wrote successful a blog post. "With this update, radical tin present seamlessly bash this, browsing done galore antithetic results, earlier needing to click the 'See more' button."

The diagnostic is rolling retired successful the US starting Thursday for astir English searchers, Google said.

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