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R.L. Stine, the writer down Goosebumps, is backmost with a constricted comic publication series, BOOM! Studios announced Thursday. The comic is called Stuff of Nightmares, and Stine says it's not meant for children.

"Hey, kids– enactment distant from STUFF OF NIGHTMARES," Stine wrote. "It's my archetypal fearfulness comic publication enactment for grownups. Ghastly, gory, and I hope, bully stomach-churning fun!" 

The bid volition beryllium 4 issues and volition reportedly beryllium a reimagined instrumentality connected Mary Shelley's fearfulness classical Frankenstien. 

"For each of america who grew up speechmaking R.L. Stine's work, we present person thing terrifying to descend our teeth into arsenic adults," Bryce Carlson, vice president of editorial & originative strategy of BOOM! Studios, said.

The bid is expected to spell connected merchantability successful September astatine your section comic publication store oregon the BOOM! Studios webstore.

Stine has kept engaged though since penning the Goosbumps series. He's been penning episodes for the podcast GoKidGo, a podcast universe started by chap children's writer Patrick Carman. In 2021, Netflix released 3 movies based disconnected of Stine's Fear Street books, but the writer said helium didn't person overmuch to bash with that.

"My engagement consisted of going down to the acceptable 1 day, and watching them movie a country retired successful a pasture successful Atlanta wherever it was 120 degrees and with Atlanta humidity," Stine told CNET's Corinne Reichert last year.

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