GoTo Resolve endpoint protection review

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GoTo person really been astir for implicit 20 years but whitethorn beryllium much acquainted to net users nether their erstwhile sanction of LogMeIn Inc.

The institution has 2 flagship products, 1 of which is named 'Go To Resolve' (formerly known arsenic GoTo Assist), which is designed for IT Managers. The level is designed for endpoint absorption and GoTo claims 'advanced' troubleshooting and information features. 

Does the level unrecorded up to its developers' claims arsenic 1 of the best endpoint extortion software platforms? Or should GoTo beryllium rebranded 'NoGoTo'?

 Plans and pricing

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GoTo Resolve: Plans and pricing

First the bully quality - GoTo Resolve has a escaped tier. This supports up to 3 agents and up to 5 'Pro' devices (more connected this later), truthful is cleanable for tiny businesses. This program besides includes  device monitoring, speedy view,  remote access/execution and Antivirus Management.

Before going further, we should accent that GoTo Resolve draws a favoritism betwixt 'Pro' and 'Lite' managed devices. Only devices successful 'Pro' presumption connection the afloat distant power and absorption experience, portion 'Lite' devices connection basal distant entree features. Your subscription program defines the fig of Pro devices you tin person but you tin person immoderate fig of 'Lite' devices nary substance which program you choose.

The archetypal paid tier is GoTo Resolve 'Standard'. Prices commencement astatine $57 per period if billed annually for 1 cause and up to 25 'Pro' devices, positive each the perks successful the 'free' tier. Subscribers besides payment from being capable to negociate Windows & exertion updates, automation scheduling and a dedicated onboarding manager.

The pricing page besides lists assorted add-ons which you tin acquisition to widen GoTo Resolve's functionality, including further agents and mobile instrumentality support. 'Endpoint Protection' is besides listed arsenic an add-on but we were incapable to find a mode to find the terms for this oregon alteration it (see below).

Pricing for the 'Premium' tier (which forms the ground for this review) starts astatine $217 per period if billed annually. This program supports up to 3 Agents and up to 100 'Pro' devices and includes each the benefits of the 'free' and 'standard' plans. 

Interested parties tin registry for a escaped 14-day proceedings without providing immoderate outgo information. 


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GoTo Resolve: Features

Of each the endpoint absorption platforms we've reviewed, GoTo surely person the astir broad features page. These amusement the level seems to person aspects of a helpdesk/collaboration instrumentality arsenic good arsenic endpoint management.

For example, GoTo Resolve supports creating, resolving and closing enactment tickets via Microsoft Teams. Agents tin besides supply enactment for Android and iOS devices, arsenic good arsenic collaborate connected issues. 

GoTo Resolve's "Admin Console" besides supports creating aggregate users and groups with SSO/2FA. 

As mentioned, determination are besides automation features which let managers to propulsion scripts to grip tasks successful the background. During our tests (see below) we were particularly impressed by the quality to unfastened and tally console commands connected endpoints, allowing agents to transportation retired tasks successful the inheritance portion endpoint users transportation connected with their work.

The 'Unattended Access' diagnostic is besides utile for erstwhile endpoint users aren't around, arsenic it allows managers to deploy updates, hole issues and delegate devices, adjacent erstwhile there's nary extremity idiosyncratic present. 

The level besides follows a "Zero Trust" entree model. New users indispensable make a peculiar cardinal connected registration with the knowing that not adjacent GoTo tin retrieve information protected by it, if it's mislaid for immoderate reason.  


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GoTo Resolve: Setup

Registration for the 14-day escaped proceedings of GoTo Resolve is conscionable a substance of providing your name, institution accusation and email address. The website adjacent prompts you to take your managed storing i.e information hosting determination from either 'Global' oregon 'European Union'. We presume this is successful bid to beryllium compliant with GDPR.

On archetypal login to the GoTo Resolve Admin Console the website plays a adjuvant introductory video, which walks users done the steps of adding your archetypal instrumentality and managing alerts. 

Users are past prompted to adhd their archetypal instrumentality by creating their ain 'signature key' (minimum 8 characters). This is portion of GoTo Resolve's Zero Trust access and arsenic such, the website warns that GoTo cannot reset it for you. By default this cardinal is required each clip you transportation retired a 'sensitive action' connected endpoint devices. The level adjacent prompts you to make and download a betterment file, which allows you to reset the signature cardinal connected your ain if you hide it. 

You tin past download the installer for your endpoints : clients are disposable for Windows, macOS and Android. We were perfectly astonished however rapidly the cause installed onto our trial machine, taking little than 3 seconds to deploy aft being launched. This is by acold the fastest cause setup clip we've ever clocked for an endpoint absorption platform.

For information reasons, users indispensable past click to 'Verify' the endpoint instrumentality successful the admin console. 


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GoTo Resolve: Interface

Aside from a precise accelerated setup clip the GoTo Resolve endpoint cause is unremarkable. There's nary dedicated model and the paper options lone let you to presumption much accusation astir the app, prevention store login credentials oregon region the programme altogether.

The admin console connected the different manus is overmuch much forthcoming. Being utilized to unreality consoles which overwhelm users with information written successful miniscule fonts, we were precise pleased to spot GoTo Resolve is good laid retired and uses a larger typeface.

The near manus pane contains the main sections, on with casual to travel sub-menus. For lawsuit the 'Devices' overview lists some 'Pro' and 'Lite' devices on with their status. Clicking further into each 1 allows you to presumption elaborate accusation similar CPU usage and moving processes.

We've already touched connected the quality to motorboat the console remotely from an endpoint, which tin easy beryllium accessed from elemental buttons astatine the apical of each screen. From here, you tin besides unfastened the endpoint's record manager oregon commencement a distant enactment session. 


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GoTo Resolve: Performance

As we mentioned earlier, the modular tiers for GoTo Resolve enactment Antivirus Management, successful that they tin show an existing antivirus solution but we were incapable to instal the 'endpoint protection' add-on for our escaped trial. This made it hard for america to tally our modular tests to cheque however the level would observe and respond to threats. 

However, we were capable to observe from the company's blog that the endpoint extortion add-on is powered by Bitdefender. This means it offers precocious information features similar real-time scanning based connected an precocious menace database. 

As we were incapable to trial this diagnostic fully, we alternatively chose to instal the escaped mentation of Bitdefender onto our trial machine, to spot however GoTo Resolve managed tasks similar updates, scans and alerts via the antivirus manager. 

Once instal was complete, the admin console instantly displayed that this was our trial machine's antivirus of prime and we were capable to remotely trigger an update. Our attempts to tally 'quick' and 'full' scans remotely were little palmy though, arsenic contempt trying respective times they failed to begin.

Our archetypal trial was to effort to download a fake computer virus to our trial machine, provided by the bully radical of EICAR. We were capable to entree the website successful Microsoft Edge and began to download the record successful compressed (ZIP) format, lone for it to beryllium automatically 'disinfected' by Bitdefender.

Our adjacent trial was to effort to transcript a new, existent machine microorganism we'd caught successful the chaotic into the trial machine's 'Downloads' folder. We bash this to cheque if the anti-malware features are conscionable comparing suspicious files against a database of known signatures oregon if it tin observe threats based connected a program's behavior. Sure capable the record was instantly quarantined.

On logging successful to GoTo Resolve's Admin Console, we did spot a notification astir 1 menace being detected but couldn't find immoderate further information. When we requested a scan study from the 'Endpoint Protection' section, we repeatedly saw the connection that a scan hadn't been run. 

GoTo Resolve: Final verdict

As readers person seen, we had mixed occurrence with GoTo Resolve's Antivirus Management feature. It's wholly imaginable that had the Bitfender-based 'endpoint protection' been included with our escaped proceedings past the level would not lone person quarantined the threats but sent a elaborate study backmost to the unreality console, which is what we'd expect to spot from a endpoint information platform. Indeed, erstwhile we took Bitdefender's ain GravityZone Business Security Premium for a trial thrust the level instantly generated alerts to amusement threats had been detected and quarantined.

Still, it's wholly imaginable to acceptable up your ain antivirus solution and negociate it via GoTo Resolve. It's besides precise hard to knock the institution for this other work, fixed that you tin really bash this for up to 5 devices without paying a penny.

The other features specified arsenic distant power of devices, being capable to enactment successful the inheritance and unattended deployment are besides highly impressive. We're peculiarly blessed that the level supports some Windows, macOS and mobile devices. 

Many platforms besides don't marque their pricing models clear, truthful we were precise pleased to spot that GoTo person provided elaborate accusation for smaller businesses and besides promote larger organizations to get successful touch. 

We database the champion unreality firewalls.

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