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The days are getting longer and the upwind is heating up. It's summertime. And that means grilling play is successful afloat swing. 

From tailgates to barbecues successful the backyard this summer, present is the premier clip to put successful a grill -- and determination are plenty of options retired there, ranging from a pellet grill, a classic charcoal exemplary oregon a gas grill

Picking the close grill for you means making decisions connected galore antithetic factors: substance type, size, price, benignant and other features. All that tin get overwhelming quickly, truthful we've gathered our champion tips for uncovering the cleanable acceptable for your patio, and we update them periodically. Here are a fewer cardinal features to consider. 

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One of the galore  grills we tested

Picking the close grill for you means making decisions connected galore antithetic factors. 

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Fuel benignant

There are hundreds of grills retired there, and narrowing down your options tin beryllium intimidating. Pinpointing the close substance for your occurrence is simply a large spot to start.

What benignant of grill is close for you? The reply depends connected what cooking style and level of convenience you expect from your grill. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type, truthful knowing their cardinal characteristics volition enactment you good connected your mode to a lucifer made successful barbecue heaven.

A metallic  and pinkish  grill

Deciding substance benignant is 1 of the astir important steps to the grill buying process. 

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Gas grills are 1 of the astir communal substance types. Built successful a cart style, gas grills usage either an attachable liquid propane vessel oregon earthy state via a conversion kit connecting the grill to your home's earthy state proviso line. 

The statement implicit earthy state oregon liquid propane burns hot. Natural state burns cleaner successful presumption of greenhouse gases, it's cheaper to usage and you won't person to fuss with refilling propane tanks. However, you won't beryllium capable to determination your grill astir since it's connected to a state line. Liquid propane is the much fashionable substance choice, and it's portable. It's besides pricier and needs refilling. The bully quality is galore state grills tin accommodate both, truthful you don't person to take close away.

With a state grill, you'll person much power implicit the vigor and however it is distributed crossed your cooking surface. Gas grills specified arsenic the Char-Broil Commercial 3-burner are large for adjusting betwixt precocious vigor for searing and little vigor for dependable cooking. If you're looking to navigator meats similar full chickens oregon racks of ribs for hours astatine a time, however, you'll person amended results with a charcoal grill, pellet grill oregon smoker. 

Steaks connected  a grill

What you navigator is important to determining which grill you should buy. 

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Charcoal grills connection the accepted smokiness astir radical deliberation of erstwhile they ideate grilled flavor. They travel successful tons of shapes and sizes, including the original Weber Kettle that introduced the charcoal grill plan truthful wide recognized today. Charcoal grills person their quirks though, truthful you'll request to beryllium prepared to enactment successful immoderate enactment if you spell this route. 

Charcoal grills pain utilizing charcoal briquettes oregon lumps of charcoal. That's wherever the smoky spirit comes from. You'll request to walk a small much clip lighting the briquettes and preheating the grill than you volition with a state grill. You'll besides request to cleanable the grill and dispose of the charcoal ash erstwhile you're done grilling. 

Charcoal grills mightiness not beryllium arsenic precise oregon customizable arsenic a state grill erstwhile it comes to cooking, but they person a chiseled spirit and are the astir affordable option. You tin find small, portable charcoal grills for arsenic small arsenic $50. 

The Traeger Timberline 850 outside

The Traeger Timberline 850 is simply a pellet grill with a companion app for somesthesia control. 

Chris Monroe/CNET

Pellet grills

Pellet grills, similar the Traeger Timberline 850, pain wood pellets and person an onboard machine to vigor up to your desired somesthesia and adhd smoky, wood-fired spirit to your food. Pellet grills output tasty meat, particularly erstwhile dilatory cooked, but the pellets tin beryllium costly and harder to find than propane oregon charcoal. Be prepared to telephone astir oregon bid online. 

Pellet grills usage a hopper connected the broadside to clasp the food-grade wood pellets. Once you've ignited the grill with a power and acceptable the temperature, those pellets are moved into a pain cookware by a rotating auger connected to the hopper. Pellet grills travel successful tube oregon cart styles and prices scope from astir $350 to $1,300.

A radical  of 9  antithetic  types of grills

All the grills we've tested astatine the CNET Smart Home. 

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Once you've decided what substance benignant is close for you, deliberation astir the size grill you need. Most tiny to mean charcoal grills and two-burner state grills volition bash conscionable good if you're cooking for 4 radical oregon less connected an occasional basis. The Weber Spirit E-210 is simply a bully illustration of a two-burner grill with plentifulness space. Grills are often measured successful quadrate inches. Grills successful the 400-500 quadrate inch scope are ample capable for astir people. 

A reddish  Weber grill

Weber and KitchenAid connection grills successful bright, festive colors. 

Chris Monroe/CNET

If you're the halfway of the vicinity barbecue country oregon person a ample household, see a larger exemplary with four, 5 oregon adjacent much burners. If you're dormant acceptable connected having a state grill, but besides privation to navigator meats similar full chickens oregon racks of ribs with indirect heat, you'll privation astatine slightest a three-burner model.

Extra features

At the astir basal level, a grill should conscionable navigator well. In summation to taking the close steps to prep your grill, determination are a fistful of other features you tin look for that volition heighten your experience. For example, a broadside burner is simply a large spot to vigor up sauces oregon sides without dashing betwixt your room stovetop and patio. 

If you deliberation you mightiness determination your grill astir during the season, marque definite your grill comes with wheels connected each 4 legs and an enactment to fastener them.  

Weber's iGrill with a Bluetooth thermometer

Weber's iGrill strategy includes a Bluetooth thermometer and it's compatible with iOS and astir Android devices.


You tin adjacent up your grill with smarts. The Weber iGrill strategy is present connected its 3rd procreation with the Weber iGrill 3. This accessory allows you to show the interior somesthesia of your nutrient via the Weber iGrill app, probe instrumentality and iGrill compatible Weber grill similar the Weber Genesis II E-335 connected our gas grills champion list. Traeger's app lets you remotely power the grill's temperature, acceptable timers and presumption recipes with the pat of a button. 

No substance which grill is close for you, getting extracurricular with friends, household and nutrient is 1 of the champion ways to walk a weekend.

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