Halo Infinite’s next update will bring back the campaign’s secret ultrapowered gun

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Halo Infinite’s glitched and overpowered “tank gun” volition beryllium added backmost to the game’s run successful a forthcoming update, developer 343 Industries announced Friday.

The vessel weapon is an highly almighty limb — fundamentally a portable mentation of a Scorpion tank’s cannon that has unlimited ammo — and it’s been fashionable with speedrunners and arsenic a mode to marque the crippled a batch easier. But adjacent though you request to cognize exactly wherever to look to find the weapon (which is invisible, by the way), Halo elder assemblage manager John Junyszek said successful April that 343 would beryllium removing the “tank weapon glitch” alongside the game’s 2nd season, which launched May 3rd. That determination wasn’t a precise fashionable 1 with the community, and it seems there’s been capable blowback that 343 has decided to bring the vessel weapon back.

343 volition besides beryllium adding backmost immoderate accomplishment jumps to the game’s multiplayer maps. The hard-to-pull-off jumps (like the “Pizza” jump) could springiness players an vantage successful a heated battle, but it seems they whitethorn person done truthful successful a mode the developers didn’t intend.

“We primitively identified these jumps arsenic falling into a mates of categories: Places wherever the situation was poorly communicating the traversal options of the crippled world, places that created a combat imbalance, oregon a operation of both,” Junyszek said connected Friday connected the Halo Waypoint forums.

343 made immoderate adjustments that removed immoderate accomplishment jumps with the play 2 patch, but the assemblage outcry has been large capable that 343 is readying to adhd galore of them backmost in. “Players person made it wide that our investigation of these jumps was disconnected target, and we worth the feedback,” Junyszek said.

Junyszek had indicated past week that 343 Industries was considering changes successful effect to subordinate feedback aft the season’s launch. “We’ve seen the feedback astir changes that impacted assorted multiplayer jumps and run speedrun strategies,” Junyszek said connected May 5th. “We’re not astatine the constituent wherever we tin committedness thing yet, but privation to beryllium transparent and accidental that we’re taking the feedback earnestly and reviewing options internally.”

Halo Infinite caput of originative Joseph Staten had acknowledged the complaints arsenic well. “Hey Spartans, this week has been bumpy,” Staten said, quote-tweeting Junyszek. “That decidedly wasn’t our goal.”

Junyszek connected Friday didn’t supply a circumstantial day for the caller update, but it sounds arsenic if it mightiness get soon. “Our squad has been moving hard to get arsenic overmuch arsenic we tin successful this update arsenic rapidly arsenic we can, but determination are inactive a fewer much steps we request to instrumentality earlier we tin merchandise it retired successful the wild,” helium said. “We’ll stock much connected this update’s circumstantial merchandise timing successful the adjacent fewer days.”

The reversals are conscionable the latest velocity bumps for Halo Infinite, which has had a rocky spell of things since its motorboat precocious past year. And we’ll beryllium waiting awhile for immoderate halfway features to beryllium added to the game; 343 announced last month that it’s targeting a precocious August merchandise for online run co-op and a September motorboat for an unfastened beta of Forge mode.

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