Hathor Network: Making Blockchain Easy for Everyone

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PRESS RELEASE. The blockchain gyration has captured the attraction of millions successful the past decade. The advent of cryptocurrencies similar bitcoin has redefined the conception of money, portion astute declaration networks person expanded blockchain applications towards antithetic sectors.

While crypto adoption continues to grow, the onus is connected the underlying exertion to accommodate to the caller question of users. Ethereum remains the starring astute declaration network, but its problems are good documented. Scalability issues and precocious state fees connected Ethereum makes it hard for developers and caller projects to thrive quickly.

The code-eccentric quality of Ethereum besides means that crypto enthusiasts with small method cognition find it challenging to physique decentralized applications (dApps). However, respective caller blockchain protocols person sprung up successful caller years to connection an alternative, and Hathor has proven to beryllium a fashionable enactment among developers and end-users.

An innovative blockchain project

Hathor is a proof-of-work based protocol that deploys DAG and blockchain information structures wrong an interoperable environment. The task was initiated successful 2018 by a squad of highly skilled developers, and its mainnet was launched successful January 2020.

Hathor is 1 of the fewer blockchain protocols that is based connected dense technological and world research. Its probe insubstantial was written by the CTO Marcelo Brogliato and published arsenic portion of his PhD thesis.

Hathor has described itself arsenic the ‘’WordPress of blockchain’’ and provides a simplified blockchain web wherever everyone tin physique solutions. Its one-stop solution means that developers tin physique tokens and decentralized applications without the requirements of learning circumstantial programming languages oregon frameworks similar Solidity, Substrate and Rust.

Developers tin besides make astute contracts wrong their web via unfastened APIs successful aggregate programming languages and acquainted coding tools. Hathor besides offers a developer-friendly headless wallet that is utile for analyzable applications.

Hathor provides less introduction barriers for end-users, and anyone tin mint customized tokens wrong a fewer minutes utilizing its mobile oregon desktop wallet. All that is required is to fastener 1 HTR token for each 100 units of a customized token created.

Non-fungible tokens person been a increasing inclination successful the crypto satellite owed to their exertion successful integer art, sports, and entertainment. Users tin mint NFTs wrong the Hathor desktop wallet without immoderate method knowledge. NFTs minting lone costs 0.02 HTRs to beryllium created, and users tin transportation them wrong the Hathor blockchain without other transaction fees.

Merged Mining conception

Hathor is 1 of the fewer blockchain protocols that usage the conception of Merged mining. Merged mining enables the mining of much than 1 cryptocurrency without requiring further proof-of-work effort.

Proof-of-work is an energy-consuming algorithm but provides evident benefits successful information and decentralization. Merged mining enables miners to summation their concern astatine reduced costs since they don’t person to bargain other hardware to excavation further cryptocurrencies.

Miners tin excavation Hathor tokens HTR connected F2Pool and Poolin, 2 of the astir fashionable mining pools connected the bitcoin network. Also, the existent HTR mining rewards volition beryllium halved from Jan 5, 2022, from 32 to 16 tokens per block.

Key collaborations and use-cases

Hathor has experienced monolithic adoption since its mainnet motorboat successful 2020 and has been deployed by respective projects. Some see 9Block, an NFT level built by Brazilian influencer Felipe Neto, AfferoFlow, Kick-Off Music and Databoi.

Dropull, an NFTs level for in-game items successful Cidade Alta, 1 of the largest gaming servers successful Latin America with 120,000 progressive users, is besides hosted connected Hathor. In addition, the blockchain protocol has besides launched Hathor Green, an inaugural that incentivizes miners wrong its protocol to utilize greenish energy.

In addition, the blockchain protocol has agreed a strategic partnership with Simplex to motorboat a debit paper wrong its ecosystem. Hathor is besides integrated with fashionable hardware wallet Ledger, and users tin store their tokens utilizing the device.

Exciting aboriginal up

The Hathor team has continued to enactment connected caller upgrades and partnerships that volition foster the maturation of its ecosystem and HRT token. An NFT task is presently gathering a dedicated NFT marketplace connected Hathor, portion HathorSwap, a DEX, is expected to beryllium launched successful the coming weeks.

Hathor has monolithic potential, and its straightforward attack towards blockchain applications positions it successful the close spot to go a starring crypto stakeholder successful the future.

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