Heinz Made Ketchup from Semi-Martian Tomatoes and We Want to Eat It

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Nov 25, 2021, 4:04 p.m. EST | 1 min read

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Space whitethorn good beryllium the last frontier but it’s a large spot to marque ketchup. Astrobiologists conscionable grew tomatoes successful Mars-like conditions (as successful present connected Earth, not really connected Mars), and portion the unsocial condiment won’t beryllium up for sale, conscionable cognize that they did walk Heinz’s prime tests.

Why connected Earth are scientists increasing abstraction tomatoes, you whitethorn ask? It was done arsenic portion of an experimentation from researchers astatine the Florida Institute of Technology’s Aldrin Space Institute, who were looking to trial the viability of semipermanent nutrient harvesting connected Mars, successful opposition to shorter-term works growth. The experimentation besides gave the researchers much accusation astir whether the harvest (or others akin to it) could beryllium grown successful harsher climates close present connected Earth.

The researchers grew authoritative Heinz herb seeds successful astir 7,800 pounds of ungraded from the Mojave Desert, which resembles the regolith (aka the escaped rocky worldly that sits atop coagulated rock) connected Mars. They confined the experimentation to h2o and upwind conditions that were besides akin to that of the Martian environment. While temperatures determination mean astir -81 degrees Fahrenheit, they tin alteration wildly anyplace from -220 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit crossed antithetic regions and seasons.

According to samples captured by the Phoenix lander, Martian ungraded has a pH level of 8.3, which is somewhat alkaline. Tomatoes turn champion successful ungraded that’s a spot much acidic, with a pH of anyplace from 6.2 to 6.8. Despite this discrepancy, however, the ungraded is inactive a lucifer (and it inactive proved palmy successful this experiment) due to the fact that of however nutrient-rich it is; it contains nutrients captious to increasing steadfast plants similar magnesium, sodium, chlorine, and potassium. The ungraded of the Mojave Desert intimately resembles Martial ungraded chemically, which is wherefore it was cleanable for the experiment.

Amazingly, this isn’t humanity’s archetypal lawsuit of abstraction agriculture, though. Crew members aboard the International Space Station precocious grew chili peppers successful the Advanced Plant Habitat. Astronaut Megan McArthur shared the fruits of that labour on Twitter past month, with pictures of the peppers connected the abstraction tacos the unit made. We stake they were delicious!

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