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Season 1 of Hellbound is present connected Netflix.


Want to ticker an unnerving, well-reviewed South Korean fearfulness bid that amazed galore by its intense and contiguous popularity connected Netflix? Believe it oregon not, we aren't talking astir Squid Game

Hellbound, which arrived connected Netflix connected Nov. 19, is the streaming service's caller darling. Here's what you request to know. 

Warning: Some crippled spoilers ahead.

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What's Hellbound about?

In an alternate world mentation of Earth, South Koreans are told the nonstop clip they volition dice and that they are condemned to hell. Then the decrees travel true, some horribly and violently.

Early episodes absorption connected Jin Kyeong-hoon (played by Yang Ik-june), the constabulary detective assigned to analyse these creepy murders, which look to person a transportation to a cult called the New Truth Society tally by Jeong Jin-soo (Yoo Ah-in). The detective's ain daughter, Jin Hee-jeong (Lee Re) is progressive with the cult.

Later episodes absorption connected a accumulation manager named Bae Young-jae (played by Park Jeong-min) and his newborn baby, who is seemingly hellbound. But since the radical antecedently condemned to hellhole person been declared sinners and criminals, however tin a newborn acceptable the bill? 

How to ticker Hellbound

You're going to request Netflix to tune successful to the six-episode series. (Read more astir Netflix and however to get it here.) Hellbound is simply a Netflix archetypal drama, made successful South Korea but dubbed into English. 

Warning: It's precise convulsive and disturbing -- possibly much truthful than Squid Game, wherever the unit someway felt little personal. This trailer gives you a consciousness of the show's daze level.

How to work the Hellbound comic

Hellbound began arsenic a webtoon, oregon a integer comic. You tin work the archetypal six parts for escaped connected Webtoon.com -- conscionable head implicit to this link. It's not precisely the aforesaid arsenic the show, but it's beauteous close, truthful if you similar not to beryllium spoiled for thing successful the streaming version, don't work the comic until you've watched the show.

Will determination beryllium a play 2 of Hellbound?

It seems precise likely, but amusement creator Yeon Sang-ho (who directed Korean zombie movie Train to Busan, which starred Squid Game's Gong Yoo) told Variety that thing is confirmed yet. 

"Because Hellbound is based connected the archetypal webtoons, my spouse Choi Kyu-Seok and I person decided that the communicative afterwards volition beryllium told archetypal done the webtoon and, arsenic for whether we would privation to crook that into different live-action series, that's thing that we volition request further treatment on," helium told Variety. 

We'll support an oculus connected immoderate 2nd play plans and support you updated.

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