Hello, Halloween Hackfest!

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Halloween is perchance the hackiest of holidays. Think astir it: erstwhile different bash you get to adhd animatronic eyes to mundane objects, oregon interruption retired the CNC instrumentality to chopped into squashes? Labor day? Nope. Proximity-sensing jump-scare devices for Christmas? We deliberation not. But for Halloween, you tin fto your imaginativeness tally wild!

Jump Scare Tombstone by [Mark]
We’re blessed to denote that DigiKey and Arduino idiosyncratic teamed up for this year’s Hackaday Halloween Contest. Bring america your champion costume, your scariest spook, your insane determination decorations, your wildest pumpkin, oregon your astir kid-pleasing feat!

We’ll beryllium rewarding the apical 3 with a $150 acquisition certificate courtesy of DigiKey, affirmative immoderate Arduino Halloween treats if you usage a merchandise from the Arduino Pro enactment to marque your hair-raising phantasy happen.

We’ve too got 5 honorable notation categories to animate you to further feats of fancy.

  • Costume: Halloween is chiefly astir getting into outrageous costumes and scoring candy. We don’t privation to spot the candy.
  • Pumpkin: Pumpkin carving could beryllium arsenic elemental arsenic taking a limb to a gourd, but that’s not what we’re after. Show america the astir insane carving method, oregon the pumpkin truthful loaded with electronics that it makes Akihabara look bare palmy comparison.
  • Kid-Pleaser: Because a costume that makes a kid grin is what Halloween is genuinely each about. But games oregon elaborate candy dispensers, oregon happening different that helps the tiny ones idiosyncratic a bully clip is conscionable crippled here.
  • Hallowed Home: Do extremist question to your vicinity conscionable to spot your haunted house? Do you locomotion overmuch connected airy effects than connected licorice? Then amusement america your masterpiece!
  • Spooky: If your halloween physique is simply scary, it belongs here.

Head connected implicit to Hackaday.io for the afloat details. And get moving connected your haunts, costumes, and Rube Goldberg dainty dispensers today.

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