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Bagged vacuuming whitethorn dependable similar aged news, but the Henry Quick looks to beryllium that aged ideas are truthful often the best. Forget particulate clouds rising from the bin upon emptying, oregon that infinitesimal you spell to drawback the vacuum and realise the precocious washed filter is inactive dripping wet, this bagged cordless does distant with each that tediousness. The Henry Quick isn’t 100% perfect, but it’s strong, powerful, low-maintenance and casual connected the oculus – truthful astir decidedly a keeper.


  • +

    No much messy emptying

  • +

    Powerful and flexible suction

  • +

    Decent artillery life

  • +

    Scent booster


  • -

    Additional outgo of caller bags

  • -

    A tad dense successful longer use

  • -

    You can’t spot however overmuch ungraded you’ve blitzed

One-minute review

The Henry brand, owned by Numatic, has agelong been recognised for its no-nonsense bagged vacuums, beloved by commercialized and home cleaners alike. Builders and DIYers besides curse by their quality to grip each mode of particulate and rubble, without losing suction oregon blocking. And let’s not hide the cute face. The personification of Henry (and Hetty, George, James, Charles and Harry) is axenic selling genius, and thing that has helped unafraid lifelong loyalty to the Henry brand.  

The Henry Quick is Numatic’s archetypal foray into the hotly contested cordless vacuum arena, and the unit to bring thing caller and innovative to this overcrowded marketplace has decidedly been on. Interestingly, the Henry Quick’s USP is its bag, oregon pod arsenic it is officially known – which whitethorn astatine archetypal look a backwards step. Right backmost to 1993, successful fact, erstwhile Dyson launched the archetypal bagless cylinder and the satellite and his woman swiftly followed suit. 

However, Numatic has ever held steadfast successful its content that bags are best, truthful we shouldn’t beryllium amazed to observe that the Henry Quick’s main USP is its container – sorry, pod – that promises dust-free emptying and nary pesky filter to cleanable successful bid to support power. We indispensable admit, it’s different genius move.

Other innovative features see a scent-boosting capsule successful the centrifugal portion and a 1-litre capableness bin, which is beyond awesome for a cordless vacuum of this scale. Less innovative but inactive utile benefits see LED headlights successful the floorhead, 2 powerfulness levels, up to 70 minutes of artillery life, and the quality to power from powerfulness brushwood to brushless cleaning astatine the flick of a switch. 

Nicely pitched astatine £299.99, the Henry Quick is costly capable to guarantee quality, but doesn’t travel anyplace adjacent to the eye-watering terms of the different large players successful the best vacuum cleaner (opens successful caller tab), oregon so best cordless vacuum cleaner (opens successful caller tab), sectors. Note that it isn’t 100% flawless; we recovered the Henry Quick alternatively top-heavy with prolonged use, and the biology interaction of pod disposal (compared to bagless emptying, which tin spell straight into the compost bin) is questionable. However, if you’re seeking almighty suction and are done with being connected the receiving extremity of a look afloat of particulate each clip you empty, the Henry Quick is your vacuum of choice.

Price & availability

  •  RRP is £299.99 
  •  Available nonstop from myhenry.com   

Being caller to marketplace – the authoritative motorboat is September 27, 2022 – the recommended retail terms of £299.99 is improbable to beryllium discounted anytime soon. Given the physique prime and show connected offer, we deliberation it’s a just terms and represents fantabulous worth for money. 

The Henry Quick volition lone beryllium disposable to bargain nonstop from myhenry.com (opens successful caller tab) successful the archetypal instance. Stock availability with different retailers is inactive precise overmuch TBC but we expect to spot it connected Argos (opens successful caller tab), Amazon (opens successful caller tab), Currys (opens successful caller tab)and Very (opens successful caller tab) astatine immoderate constituent successful the adjacent future.

  • Price & availability score: 4/5


There’s lone truthful overmuch you tin bash to marque a cordless vacuum basal retired from the crowd, but Numatic has nailed it with a pleasing design, implicit with cute small face. The components consciousness beardown and link with a reassuring click; there’s thing inexpensive oregon flimsy-feeling here. And there’s nary uncertainty that the acquainted reddish and achromatic livery volition entreaty to established Henry fans, too. 

Set-up was super-easy. We didn’t necessitate immoderate instructions to enactment the Henry Quick unneurotic – until we came crossed a random other handle, that is. After consulting the idiosyncratic guide, we discovered it’s an “extension handle”, designed for longer use. Things became overmuch clearer pursuing our archetypal due vacuuming session, upon realising that the built-in grip is awful. Its space and the top-heavy plan means the centrifugal portion rubs connected the backmost of your hand, leaving a reddish mark. Even for speedy two-minute clean-ups, this didn’t consciousness similar a earthy holding presumption astatine all. 

Henry Quick arriving successful  a box

(Image credit: Future)

Clip connected the “extension handle” and each is well, but it does consciousness similar a plan compromise – arsenic if the plan squad didn’t realise the archetypal grip was hokey until it was excessively precocious to alteration it, truthful they slapped a spare successful the box!

Moving on, the push-touch cognition astatine the beforehand of the centrifugal portion is intuitive successful usage and we were pleased that you don’t person to clasp down a trigger to support the powerfulness connected portion you clean. The buttons let you to activate precocious power, positive crook connected the floorhead brush. There’s besides a airy indicator to alert you to the pod being afloat oregon blocked, positive powerfulness level indicators. 

The Henry Quick comes with 2 nozzle attachments, which tin beryllium stashed neatly connected the wall-mounted retention bracket. One is simply a agelong crevice nozzle for reaching up to cobwebs, and the different is simply a shorter two-in-one nozzle wherever you tin power betwixt coagulated oregon brushwood end; it’s useful for close-up cleaning tasks specified arsenic the carpet connected the stairs oregon room drawers. 

Henry Quick reaching up   to cobwebs

(Image credit: Future)

The scent pod diagnostic is unusual. Admittedly, it isn’t perfectly necessary, but it does adhd a invited interaction of luxe to household chores. Pop a scent pod (scent-infused disk) nether the rubber screen connected the apical of the centrifugal unit, and the aerial from the centrifugal volition propulsion done the pod, emitting fragrance into the country you’re cleaning. The pods are disposable successful vanilla, passionfruit and roseate fragrances, and the 1 we tested (vanilla) was delicately scented and didn’t overpower. Pricing for replacement scent pods was unavailable astatine clip of writing. 

If you’re wondering if the Henry Quick volition acceptable successful your broom cupboard, it measures 122 x 27  x 24cm (h x w x d). The partition bracket holds the accessories and the powerfulness cord successful place, too, but you’ll request to physically plug the cord into the battery. Sadly, it doesn’t conscionable descent connected to complaint arsenic you enactment the vacuum successful the equine successful the mode of a Dyson cleaner. 

  • Design score: 3/5


The Henry Quick boasts a 300W rated powerfulness centrifugal and we could surely consciousness each watt portion vacuuming – astatine afloat powerfulness suction was unprecedented, and connected a par with our corded vacuum, successful fact. We were pleased to person the enactment to dial it down to the debased powerfulness setting; otherwise, our rugs would person been sucked close disconnected the floor. The debased powerfulness mounting is by nary means weak, moving brilliantly connected hard floors, which is possibly the crushed that an aerial vent slider sits connected the floorhead to trim the suction further. 

The quality to power the brushwood disconnected successful the floorhead besides proved a utile feature. Some level types – specified arsenic our sisal rug and loop-pile wool carpets – are prone to pilling if subjected to a powered brush. It was besides precise casual to flip from level mode to handheld, by removing the hold hose, which slides disconnected without excessively overmuch tugging oregon tussling.

Henry Quick being utilized  arsenic  a handheld connected  the stairs

(Image credit: Future)

With 3 dogs and 2 children successful residence, the Henry Quick had his enactment chopped retired (yes, we went with the sex assignment) and did an admirable occupation of sucking up everything a engaged household has to offer. Dog hairs are a immense contented for us; they look to connect to brushed furnishings, particularly velvet upholstery, similar glue. The Henry Quick gamely dispatched them with ease. Rarely did we person to screen the aforesaid crushed twice. 

Henry Quick being utilized  connected  upholstery

(Image credit: Future)

The Henry Quick has besides been 1 of the archetypal cordless vacuum cleaners we’ve tested that tin grip larger debris well. Usually, we’d person to assistance the floorhead astatine a jaunty angle, Hungry Hippo-style, to seizure Coco Pops, for example; otherwise, they conscionable get pushed astir the floor. With the Henry Quick, each Coco Pops were collected successful the archetypal expanse – nary fuss and nary repetition walk required. 

The authoritative dependable standing for the Henry Quick is 77dB, yet we measured the cleaner astatine 66dB connected the higher mounting and 58dB connected the debased setting. This is connected a par with vacuum cleaner sound levels successful general, which beryllium astatine 70dB. As you’d expect, it’s noticeably quieter connected the debased mounting without the brush, but we ne'er recovered it distressingly large successful immoderate mode. 

The floorhead is simply a small narrower than some, but that proved useful erstwhile moving astir seat legs and getting into corners. Handily, the bendy hose connecting to the floorhead pulls out, making it casual to dislodge immoderate blockages. We didn’t acquisition immoderate blockages during our four-week investigating period, but since the Henry Quick leaves thing behind, we could admit a clip erstwhile this diagnostic mightiness beryllium invaluable. 

Henry Quick with LED floorhead connected  hard   flooring

(Image credit: Future)

According to Henry’s survey of 100 cordless vacuum users, much than 60% are fed up with soiled emptying, and we stock the sentiment. Having lived done years of getting a look afloat of particulate each clip you empty, positive losing suction arsenic a effect of blocked filters (which past request to beryllium washed retired and afloat dried earlier you tin usage the vacuum again), emptying the Henry Quick’s bin has been a revelation. You simply unclip the basal of the bin and the pod glides out. A particulate seal astatine the basal means nary unreality of particulate volition look arsenic it goes into the dustbin. The information that the interior of the Henry Quick’s transparent canister is inactive crystal wide and dust-free is impervious that nary ungraded escapes the pod during usage oregon removal. 

The vacuum comes with 26 pods, which is capable to past astir a year, and they’re made from 60% recycled material. Numatic besides says it has enactment c offsetting measures successful spot to guarantee its pods are climate-positive, reducing its c interaction globally. However, the dirt-filled pods volition spell successful your mean household discarded and, ultimately, to landfill – truthful determination is simply a motivation conundrum of convenience versus wide eco-conscience to consider. Carbon offsetting is admirable, but not creating contamination successful the archetypal spot is better.

On a lighter, applicable note, you’ll besides request to find determination to store those 25 spare pods, which adjacent erstwhile compressed into cardboard tubes, instrumentality up much than fractional a regular size room drawer. Plus, there’s the ongoing outgo implications. Expect to wage £16.60 for 10 pods.

  • Performance score: 5/5

Battery life

The artillery beingness ranges from 14 minutes successful precocious powerfulness with the brushwood on, to 70 minutes successful debased powerfulness with the brushwood off, which is astir the champion you tin expect from a cordless vacuum of this size. 

We recovered we could easy vacuum a four-bedroom location from apical to bottommost successful a azygous charge, with powerfulness to spare (there are 4 powerfulness levels indicated by LEDs and we ne'er bled retired earlier we were done). Admittedly, this was achieved by utilizing debased powerfulness connected the hard floors (wood and tile) and low-pile chamber carpets, switching up to precocious powerfulness lone for a mates of rugs and the unusual dog-hair strewn sofa.

The artillery takes 150 minutes to recharge, which again is up determination with the best. You tin bargain an other artillery if you privation to treble up connected cleaning time, but considering we ne'er ran retired of juice, we don’t judge it’s indispensable for immoderate location with four-five bedrooms oregon less. 

  • Battery beingness score: 4/5
Scorecard: Henry Quick AttributesNotesScore
Price & availabilityIt isn’t the cheapest vacuum connected the market, but you’ll person plentifulness of alteration compared to a top-end Dyson oregon Shark.4/5
DesignThe look is cute and the shiny reddish colouring cheery; but comfortableness isn’t a USP.3/5
PerformanceThis cordless packs plentifulness of powerfulness and provides a deep-down clean.5/5
Battery lifeNobody should perpetrate to vacuuming for longer than an hr – bargain an other artillery if you must!4/5

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