Here’s How Android Apps Work on Windows 11

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Windows 11 wallpaper with Android robot.

One of Windows 11’s astir breathtaking features is the quality to install Android apps. You tin yet usage immoderate of your favourite mobile apps connected your desktop PC. How did Microsoft marque this happen? Let’s instrumentality a look.

What You’ll Need

Android app enactment didn’t get arsenic portion of the archetypal merchandise of Windows 11. As of October 2021, you tin lone install Android apps if you’re utilizing Windows 11’s beta Insider Preview channel.

In the future, Android app enactment volition travel to each Windows 11 devices with the indispensable hardware virtualization support. Windows 11 laptops and desktops volition tally Android apps retired of the box, conscionable arsenic Chromebooks do—and conscionable similar M1 Macs tin tally iPhone and iPad apps.

Intel Bridge Technology

Intel and Windows 11Intel

Applications are kinda similar puzzle pieces—they lone acceptable successful definite spots. Mac apps can’t tally connected Windows and Android apps tin tally connected an iPhone. In bid to get Android apps to relation wrong of Windows 11, Microsoft had to bash immoderate clever things.

The concealed condiment down Android apps successful Windows 11 is Intel Bridge Technology (IBT). The method word for IBT is simply a “runtime post-compiler.”

A compiler is what tells your machine what to bash with the codification wrong an app. Without the compiler, the app is fundamentally a papers written successful a overseas connection to your PC. Compilers construe that papers and enactment it into a bundle that the machine tin understand.

A post-compiler recompiles this code. In this case, an app is archetypal compiled to tally connected Android, past the Intel Bridge Technology recompiles it with everything it needs to tally successful Windows 11. It virtually bridges autochthonal Android functions implicit to autochthonal Windows functions.

The important happening present is Android app developers don’t person to interest astir doing thing peculiar to marque their apps tally connected Windows. Any Android app tin theoretically tally wrong Windows 11. That doesn’t mean they volition each tally perfectly, but they should run.

Not Just an Emulator

This isn’t really the archetypal clip you could tally Android apps successful Windows. Emulators similar BlueStacks person made it imaginable for a while, but determination are immoderate large trade-offs. The Intel Bridge Technology is not an emulator.

Emulators make a virtual situation for apps to tally inside. It’s fundamentally a virtual Android instrumentality moving connected your Windows PC. That requires a batch of resources, which tin enactment a strain connected your machine and marque things tally slow.

IBT allows Android apps to tally natively connected Windows 11, conscionable similar regular Windows apps. Native Android features construe implicit to their autochthonal Windows counterparts. That means you won’t beryllium stressing your machine conscionable to ticker TikTok adjacent to Microsoft Office.

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Where Do the Apps Come From?

Amazon Appstore

We cognize a small much astir however Android apps enactment successful Windows 11, but wherever bash you get them from? Microsoft teamed up with Amazon to connection Android apps done the Amazon Appstore. It’s the aforesaid Appstore that comes with Fire Tablets.

Installing an Android app from the Amazon Appstore is simply a precise straightforward process. You simply instal the Amazon Appstore from the Microsoft Store, past download Android apps similar you usually would.

If the Amazon Appstore isn’t capable for you, it’s imaginable to sideload APKs too. However, it’s not astir arsenic casual to bash connected Windows 11 arsenic it is connected an Android device. But it is an enactment if there’s an app you truly need.

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The large takeaway from Android apps connected Windows 11 is they tally natively acknowledgment to the Intel Bridge Technology. The days of relying connected surface mirroring and emulators to tally Android apps connected your PC are over. Along with Microsoft’s Your Phone apps, Windows and Android person ne'er worked amended together.

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