Here’s how to get the Google Play Store running on Windows 11

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A developer and plan pupil has managed to get the Google Play Store moving connected Windows 11. Google’s Android app store is afloat functional wrong Windows 11 utilizing this method, allowing you to instal a crippled oregon app and tally it alongside accepted Windows apps.

Microsoft started investigating Windows 11 Android app support past week, but the authoritative implementation is constricted to the Amazon Appstore and little than 50 apps during the preview phase. Getting the Google Play Store installed opens Windows 11 up to each Android app oregon crippled you’d privation to use.

ADeltaX, an Italian UX plan student, has successfully installed the Google Play Store connected Windows 11, and elaborate each the steps required to get it working. If you’re not acquainted with Linux commands oregon bid prompts, past the instal process won’t beryllium the astir straightforward, but ADeltaX has created a video guide for those who truly privation to get this running.

The Gmail Android app moving alongside a mobile Android game.

I managed to get the Google Play Store up and moving connected Windows 11 successful astir 30 minutes, aft downloading each the indispensable tools, enabling the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), and installing Ubuntu. The effect is simply a afloat functional Play Store that you tin usage to instal immoderate Android app connected Windows 11.

The afloat instructions for the instal process are available connected GitHub, oregon done the YouTube walkthrough video. We’re expecting Microsoft to marque the Windows Subsystem for Android disposable to each Windows 11 users successful the coming months, alongside Amazon Appstore support.

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