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Between the brand-new Apple Watch Series 9 and the Apple Watch Ultra 2 Apple announced astatine this week's "Wonderlust" event, it's harmless to accidental Apple Watch fans volition beryllium good fed by the institution this year. 

As I was watching the lawsuit online, I noticed a taxable for the bundle updates the institution is bringing to the Apple Watch. This year, Apple seems to beryllium championing connectivity, including features designed to fto you amended link with your health, amended link with your different Apple devices, and adjacent amended link with folks astir you. One of those caller features is called NameDrop. 

Here's what we cognize astir NameDrop connected your Apple Watch. For more, here's however to get acceptable for iOS 17 and how to download it connected Sept. 18.

What is NameDrop?

NameDrop is simply a caller mode for Apple Watch users to stock interaction information, with a elemental and subtle question of the wrist. NameDrop works overmuch similar AirDrop does to rapidly stock a record oregon nonstop a photo. Gone are the days of typing telephone numbers oregon handing implicit your telephone truthful idiosyncratic tin enactment their fig into your contacts. 

During its event, Apple showed 2 radical wearing Apple Watches placing their watches adjacent each different to swap interaction info. Apple says this is enabled by the brand-new S9 chip.

How tin I get NameDrop? 

Though the diagnostic was announced arsenic portion of WatchOS 10, the good people of Apple's breakdown of some WatchOS 10 and iOS 17 reveals that NameDrop volition beryllium coming to Apple Watch "later this year." 

So it doesn't look similar Watch users volition beryllium capable to NameDrop conscionable yet. But it's inactive a bully thought to update your ticker to WatchOS 10 truthful you tin beryllium acceptable to hop connected the NameDrop update arsenic soon arsenic it arrives. 

Can I usage NameDrop if I don't person an Apple Watch? 

If you're an iPhone idiosyncratic and you inactive privation to get successful connected each the NameDrop action, you're successful luck. Apple's iOS 17, which is acceptable to look connected Monday, Sept. 18, volition person NameDrop capabilities. So, if you're an iPhone idiosyncratic moving iOS 17, you'll beryllium capable to usage NameDrop to instantly swap contacts with different iPhone idiosyncratic moving iOS 17 -- and with Apple Watch users erstwhile it's disposable there. 

Screenshot of Apple's NameDrop diagnostic   connected  the iPhone

NameDrop besides works connected the iPhone. 

Screenshot by James Martin/CNET

How does NameDrop Work? 

It was airy connected details, but Apple said NameDrop is simply a "new AirDrop experience" wherever "a idiosyncratic tin clasp their iPhone adjacent different to stock their interaction accusation with lone their intended recipient." Apple besides announced that users volition beryllium capable to prime and take what accusation gets shared implicit NameDrop. 

Apple said ticker users volition besides beryllium capable to usage NameDrop by tapping the My Card ticker look complication and past bringing their Apple Watch look to look with idiosyncratic else's Apple Watch. We'll update this communicative arsenic we larn more.

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