Hinge adds voice notes and voice prompts to dating profiles

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Dating app Hinge is adding caller audio features, letting users reply the “getting to cognize you” prompts connected their illustration utilizing audio clips and speech dependable notes successful chat.

The caller features volition rotation retired Wednesday globally and are the latest illustration of apps utilizing dependable to adhd a caller magnitude to integer dating. Rival services similar Bumble and Happn person already added dependable notes to their app, and 1 app, String, only lets users communicate with their voice. For galore people, the dependable of someone’s dependable tin beryllium an important portion of attraction, and exchanging dependable notes is simply a much expressive mode to communicate.

Users volition beryllium capable to speech dependable notes successful chat. Image: Hinge

If users privation to adhd a dependable punctual to their profile, they should marque definite the app is updated, past caput to Settings > Edit Profile > Voice Prompt. You tin grounds a dependable enactment for immoderate of Hinge’s regular prompts (questions similar worst day stories and favourite random facts).

“Hinge wants to assistance radical get to cognize you arsenic soon arsenic they spot your profile. If a representation is worthy 1,000 words, ideate however galore your dependable is,” said Hinge’s main merchandise serviceman Michelle Parsons successful a property release. “With the instauration of Voice Prompts, we’re adding much authenticity to the illustration experience, allowing users to afloat show their property successful a caller way.”

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