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Want your packages to get connected time? Here are the dates you privation to vessel by.

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With Black Friday astir here, it's clip to deliberation astir the shipping deadlines you request to deed for those packages and vacation cards to get earlier the holidays. If your vacation is Christmas, Dec. 25 is simply a small implicit 4 weeks away, but shipping cutoffs for your gifts to get successful clip whitethorn travel sooner than you deliberation -- we person the deadlines below.

Any vacation play is simply a engaged clip for message and bundle transportation and winter upwind tin propulsion a wrench successful the schedule. Add the pandemic to that and you tin expect delays with mail and package delivery

To springiness you the champion likelihood of having your letters and packages get connected clip this year, the US Postal Service, UPS and FedEx person each circled the dates you request to deed -- specifically to get successful clip for Christmas and for Kwanzaa, which begins Dec. 26. (You'll privation to adhd successful buffer clip for accomplishment dates earlier the extremity of December.).

Here are the 2021 Christmas shipping schedules for the big three bundle transportation services. (Amazon hasn't released its deadlines yet this year.) If you're looking to nonstop a memorable present, you tin ever check retired the champion Black Friday deals. And present are immoderate ideas for gifts you tin see for nether $50.

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FedEx shipping deadlines for Dec. 25

If you're a last-minute shipper, FedEx lets you vessel connected Dec. 24 for a Dec. 25 delivery, but it won't beryllium cheap. If you privation a little costly option, FedEx's crushed transportation deadline is Dec. 15.

Here are the dates FedEx recommends you vessel by (PDF) to person your bundle get by Dec. 25 successful the US.

FedEx vacation shipment deadlines

Domestic service Ship date Ground 3Day Friday, Express Saver 2Day Freight, 2Day 1Day Freight, Extra Hours Same Day
Dec. 15
Dec. 21
Dec. 22
Dec. 23
Dec. 24

UPS shipping deadlines for Dec. 25

With the pandemic, UPS has suspended its guarantee of delivering astir packages connected clip -- excluding some next-day aerial and worldwide services. Here are UPS' recommended dates (PDF) for Christmas 2021.

UPS vacation shipment deadlines

Domestic service Ship date Ground 3-Day Select 2nd Day Air Next Day Air
Check the UPS website for deadlines
Dec. 21
Dec. 22
Dec. 23

USPS shipping deadlines for Dec. 25

Saying it's trying to get its location successful order, the US Postal Service is lengthening transportation times and temporarily boosting the outgo of shipping parcels during the holidays. Here are the dates the post bureau recommends you ellipse connected your calendar if you privation your packages to get by Christmas this year.

USPS vacation shipment deadlines

Domestic service Date (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) Date for Alaska Date for Hawaii USPS Retail Ground First-Class Mail Priority Mail Priority Mail Express
Dec. 15 Dec. 2 N/A
Dec. 17 Dec. 18 Dec. 17
Dec. 18 Dec. 18 Dec. 17
Dec. 23 Dec. 21 Dec. 21

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