HONGO 2K 16" Portable Monitor review

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The HONGO 2K 16" show is simply a value-packed prime for multitasking and gaming, offering sleek plan and casual setup. However, its mediocre built-in speakers and colour accuracy permission country for improvement.


  • +

    Easy Plug-and-Play

  • +

    Smooth Gaming

  • +

    One cablegram connection


  • -

    Limited Colour Accuracy

  • -

    Fiddly OSD Controls

  • -

    Mediocre Built-in Speakers

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HONGO 2K 16" Portable Monitor: 30 2nd review

HONGO 2K 16" Portable Monitor Specs

Size: 16-inch
Type: LED-backlit IPS
Resolution: 1600x1200 (2K)
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Refresh Rate: 120Hz
Brightness: 250 nits
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
Connectivity: - 1x USB Type-C (for powerfulness and display), 1x HDMI port, 1x 3.5mm headphone jack
Weight: Approx. 680g

The HONGO 2K 16" show is simply a versatile and budget-friendly monitor for a dual set-up, taking up minimal table abstraction and tin beryllium easy transported. Designed to cater to assorted needs, this show is perfect for mundane tasks similar web browsing, papers editing and gaming, though finds its limitations with colour-critical originative work. Unboxing reveals an understated show with a minimalistic plan and a neat Smartcase that protects it well. This wrap-around lawsuit doubles arsenic a stand. The statement calls the monitor's plan frameless, but it has a tiny framework and is inactive a bully modern display.

Setup and usage are straightforward; simply link it to your machine with a USB Type-C cable, and that's it. A maximum solution of 1600x1200 ensures clarity, making regular tasks and media viewing perfect for this monitor.

Realistically, this is 1 of the best portable monitors for a wide scope of people, from bureau workers looking for a secondary screen, gamers seeking an other monitor, and, astatine a stretch, originative professionals needing a small much surface existent property for palettes and broadside projects; this show is an all-in-one solution. That said, its colour accuracy whitethorn not suit originative professionals, and the built-in speakers won't triumph immoderate awards, but those are niggles successful what is simply a well-rounded offering. 

Price and Availablity


(Image credit: Ali Jennings)

Priced astatine an approachable $199, the HONGO 2K 16" Monitor balances affordability and performance. This show is simply a wallet-friendly alternate from Amazon to much costly second-screen options, particularly considering its 2K solution and 120Hz refresh rate. Its diagnostic acceptable is competitive, truthful you get decent all-around worth considering the price. This makes it perfect for anyone who needs dual screens, is stuck for space, oregon is ever connected the determination and needs thing slimline and portable.

  • Score: 5/5



(Image credit: Ali Jennings)

The HONGO 2K 16" show makes a large archetypal content with its cleanable and minimalistic design. Unboxing reveals a show that feels similar a premium merchandise contempt its comparatively inexpensive terms point. The protective Smart case, which doubles arsenic a stand, shows however bully merchandise plan tin harvester to marque a fantastic-looking and functional product. The wrap-around plan lawsuit besides ensures the show is well-protected erstwhile transported oregon stored.

It's besides worthy pointing retired that the show is portable capable to gaffe into a laptop slot, making it a cleanable companion for a 16" MacBook Pro oregon immoderate different likewise sized laptop. 

When it comes to adjusting the monitor, each controls are comparatively straightforward, with solution being adjusted done the machine and brightness, contrast, and different settings accessed done the on-screen displays. However, portion the on-screen show controls are casual to use, they are somewhat clunky and styled successful a carousel plan utilizing the buttons connected the monitor's side. Considering the prime of the remainder of the monitor, you can't assistance but consciousness that these controls could person been much intuitive. 

  • Design: 4.5/5



(Image credit: Ali Jennings)

The HONGO 2K 16" show boasts galore features catering to wide and specialised users. With a solution of 1600x1200, the show offers crisp and wide visuals that marque it suitable for assorted tasks. One of its notable characteristics is the 120Hz refresh rate, a must-have for gamers seeking creaseless and lag-free gameplay. Add FreeSync exertion into the mix, and you person a surface that minimises surface tearing, providing a seamless gaming experience.

Regarding colour representation, the show delivers sRGB colour space, offering vibrant visuals for mundane tasks and gaming. While the HDR relation is included, it's chiefly designed to boost the gaming and amusement experience, not needfully the originative workflow.

The built-in speakers are functional, but their prime won't stroke you away. Connectivity options see a USB Type-C larboard and HDMI, offering flexibility for antithetic setups. The VESA mount-compatible show is large for those looking to prevention table abstraction oregon integrate it into a much analyzable rig. The HONGO 2K 16" show is simply a jack-of-all-trades, proficient successful handling a wide scope of applications but maestro of none.

  • Features: 4/5



(Image credit: Ali Jennings)


Gamut: 4.5 5
Tone Response:
5 / 5
White Point:
Luminance Uniformity:
Colour Uniformity:
Colour accuracy:
Overall standing

The HONGO 2K 16" show is simply a veritable show enactment for the location oregon erstwhile you request thing portable; it's besides suitable for galore tasks, from connection processing to gaming.

This show excels erstwhile it comes to wide tasks specified arsenic web browsing, papers editing, and video streaming. The controls alteration you to rapidly set the settings, erstwhile you fig retired however they work, and the prime of the show visually is outstanding. The 1600x1200 solution offers fantabulous item and clarity, but for astir situations connected a surface of this size, a modular 1920x1080 solution is ideal. 

When it comes to gaming, the HONGO works good with its 120Hz refresh rate, proving to support up with fast-paced titles similar "Red Dead Redemption II" and "Assassin's Creed." Not lone did it grip the enactment smoothly, but determination was besides nary noticeable surface tearing, lag, oregon ghosting, each acknowledgment to the FreeSync technology. As a prime for gamers, the slimline styling and portability marque it a large choice.

Looking astatine the show from a originative perspective, this is wherever the show starts to deed its limitations. While it's capable for tasks similar displaying palettes, it falls abbreviated for much colour-critical work. With Adobe RGB and P3 percentages hovering astir 69% and 70%, it doesn't rather conscionable the manufacture standards for nonrecreational photograph oregon video editing.

As portion of the test, I utilised Datacolor Spyder X2 Ultra show calibration, initially done the archetypal setup, conscionable arsenic a substance of course, but past to analyse the show aft a month's use. 

The trial highlighted that the HONGO 2K 16" is simply a robust, all-round show that excels successful aggregate domains. Although it shouldn't beryllium your archetypal prime for colour-critical nonrecreational work, it's a coagulated performer for mundane usage and gaming.

  • Performance: 4/5

Should you bargain a HONGO 2K 16" monitor

If you request a 2nd surface that's some portable and reasonably priced, the HONGO 2K 16" show is simply a large option. It offers a creaseless and vibrant show with a 120Hz refresh rate, making it a coagulated prime for gamers and casual users alike. It's incredibly casual to acceptable up, simply plug and play with a USB Type-C oregon HDMI cable, though the 2nd enactment does necessitate USB arsenic well. 

However, support successful caput that it's not the best show for photograph editing and different colour-sensitive originative work, arsenic it lacks afloat Adobe RGB and P3 coverage. Its built-in speakers are passable but won't wow audiophiles. Overall, it offers large worth for its terms tag.


(Image credit: Ali Jennings)

Report Card

Value: Affordable, versatile, mostly hits marks. 5 / 5
Design: Minimalistic, practical, sleek, near-frameless 4.5 / 5
Features: Versatile, high-refresh, FreeSync, compact, intuitive 4 / 5
Performance: Smooth, responsive, vibrant, versatile, reliable 4 / 5
Total: Affordable, practical, versatile, stylish, businesslike 4 / 5

Why you should buy

You request a inexpensive 2nd monitor.

Looking for an affordable 2nd surface that doesn't skimp connected performance? The HONGO 2K 16" show mightiness beryllium your answer. It effortlessly juggles mundane tasks, gaming, and basal originative work, each portion offering creaseless show and casual setup. For conscionable $199, it's a value-packed summation to your setup.

You request a portable monitor.

If portability is your game, the HONGO 2K 16" show is simply a large solution. Matching the dimensions of a MacBook Pro 16", this sleek show easy slots into a laptop container oregon backpack. 

Don't bargain it if

You request a show for originative work.

If you're looking for a show for originative purposes, the HONGO 2K 16" show mightiness not beryllium your archetypal prime owed to its colour accuracy limitations. However, it inactive makes for a useful secondary show for instrumentality palettes and previews. 

You request decent built-in speakers.

The HONGO 2K 16" show whitethorn not deed the people if built-in speakers are a apical priority. Although functional, the audio prime is noticeably tinny and lacks depth, falling abbreviated compared to dedicated audio solutions oregon high-end laptop speakers. It's astir apt not your go-to for an immersive audio experience.

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