Honor Earbuds 3 Pro

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The Honor Earbuds 3 Pro are cleanable for Android users looking for an AirPods-style build, AirPods-style features, but better-than-AirPods dependable prime – if you tin get your hands connected them.


  • +

    Detailed, spacious, exuberant sound

  • +

    Plenty of AirPods-like features for Honor users

  • +

    Intuitive and well-designed Android app

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  • -

    No iOS app

  • -

    No ‘Find My’ diagnostic

  • -

    No promised somesthesia sensors

Honor Earbuds 3 Pro: one-minute review

Yes, they look precise overmuch similar Apple’s AirPods Pro and nary Honor Earbuds 3 Pro reappraisal worthy its Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity tin disregard this fact. But alternatively than joining the ever-growing mediocre imitation pile, successful truthful galore cardinal areas the newer Honor earbuds person really taken what was bully astir the Cupertino giant's AirPods Pro and past bettered them. And not conscionable for Honor smartphone owners.

So, the promised somesthesia sensor wellness monitoring tech ne'er really materialized – Honor did not travel bully connected beating Apple to the punch there. But what of it? Look beyond this and there's truthful overmuch to celebrate. 

Despite the Earbuds 3 Pro's acquainted headshell and toothbrush-head design, nether the hood Honor has gone retired connected a limb by implementing the world’s archetypal coaxial dual-driver plan with 11mm dynamic operator and piezoelectric ceramic tweeter. Basically, it’s a tweeter-inside-driver situation; the 2 idiosyncratic thrust units are built concentrically truthful that they radiate dependable from the aforesaid constituent – oregon axis. And it could person been a disaster. Only, it is rather the opposite. It's a resounding triumph and heralds its swift inclusion arsenic 1 of the best existent wireless earbuds connected the market. 

Honor has taken the signifier of the pro-suffixed AirPods and added on-device measurement power to the stems, a much customizable and enjoyable noise-cancellation experience, a caller slick and casual app (as agelong arsenic you don’t ain an iPhone) and astir importantly delivered a fuller, meatier bass, a much expansive soundstage and a better, much elaborate sonic acquisition overall. And it has managed to bash it each astatine a much palatable terms constituent than Apple’s Pro alternative. 

Two-line review? Honor conscionable made 1 of the best sound cancelling earbuds retired there. Bravo, Honor. 

Honor Earbuds 3 Pro earbuds and lawsuit  connected  achromatic  background

The Honor Earbuds 3 Pro look truthful overmuch similar an Apple 'Pro' merchandise that radical volition extremity up doing a double-take. (Image credit: TechRadar)

Honor Earbuds 3 Pro review: terms and merchandise date

  • £170 / €199 (approx. $178, AU$367)
  • Released February 28, 2022

At €199 successful Europe and £170 successful the UK, Honor’s Pro-suffixed buds are aggressively priced erstwhile you see that Apple’s AirPods Pro launched astatine $249 / £249 / AU$399. That said, buyers hoping for a terms akin to the August 2021-issue Honor Earbuds 2 Lite (at $60 / £70) volition person to cough up a just spot much currency if they privation the newest and frankly, acold superior Honor earbuds.

But here's the rub: though Honor divided from its genitor company, Huawei, successful November 2020, that didn't look to afloat extricate the now-independent Chinese smartphone shaper from the ongoing commercialized prohibition instigated by the USA, against Huawei, successful April 2020. All of which is simply a roundabout mode of saying that you whitethorn not beryllium capable to bargain them successful the US and, truly, that is simply a shame. 

Honor Earbuds 3 Pro lawsuit  connected  side, to amusement   USB-C port

Honor's Earbuds 3 Pro lawsuit charges via USB-C and is precise pebble-like indeed. (Image credit: TechRadar)

Honor Earbuds 3 Pro review: features

  • Bluetooth 5.2 and intuitive, well-featured app enactment for Android
  • Four effectual noise-cancellation profiles positive ambient aware
  • On-ear measurement power and dual instrumentality pairing

First things first: the user-friendly, slick, well-designed Honor AI Space app is lone disposable for Android. And that supremely iOS-esque quick-pairing feature, whereby you simply unfastened the lid of the container and an representation of the Honor Earbuds 3 Pro presents itself acceptable for pairing, lone happens if you’re utilizing an Honor device. But we tested these earbuds utilizing an Honor Magic 4 Pro, a Samsung Galaxy S22 and an Apple iPhone 11 and adjacent without the quick-pairing relation (Samsung) oregon the app enactment (Apple) we inactive recovered these earbuds much than stood up to the contention successful different areas. 

That said, this is simply a resoundingly made-for-Android acceptable of earbuds. Although nary app is needed to scroll done the ‘noise canceling’, ‘off’ and ‘awareness’ profiles – you simply long-press either earbud – entree to the Honor AI Space app unlocks 4 caller profiles wrong noise-cancelling. Tap connected ‘noise canceling’ wrong this Android-only app and you’re fixed a prime of 4 ‘modes’: ‘intelligent’, which claims to mean the level of noise-nixing to your surroundings; ‘cozy’ which is described arsenic suitable for quiescent environments specified arsenic an office; ‘moderate’ for noisier environments; and ‘ultra’ for situations wherever changeless noise-eradication is necessary, specified arsenic a plane. And precise effectual they are too. We stroll down a metropolis thoroughfare with 'intelligent' deployed and autobus engines, changeless cars, the wide thrum of roadworthy enactment is mostly quashed and, crucially, not to the detriment of our music.

Elsewhere, the buds include Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity and a artillery beingness of up to 24 hours erstwhile combined with the charging lawsuit – which, handily, besides offers 2 hours of playback from 5 minutes of fast-charging. The foodstuff successful the buds is not particularly impressive, astatine six hours of playback connected a afloat complaint with nary sound cancellation oregon 4 with noise-cancellation deployed, but it's acceptable fixed the quick-charge diagnostic – and the app gives precise wide indications of remaining artillery successful each earbud and the case, to assistance you enactment prepared for agelong journeys. 

Another diagnostic worthy shouting astir present is on-ear measurement control. Although you mightiness not deliberation it's a game-changer, the information that you cannot swipe up oregon down connected your AirPods Pro to power your music, but you tin here, becomes nary tiny perk implicit time. Not having to excavation your telephone retired of your container to crook the euphony down connected a packed train: huge. 

One past happening of enactment is the promised and much-hyped somesthesia sensor diagnostic – because it isn't here. The assertion was that you'd beryllium capable to instrumentality your somesthesia by tapping the earbud 3 times. Also wide reported was the enactment to way a continuous measurement implicit time, and to activate an "abnormal somesthesia alert". But you won't find immoderate of it successful the app, oregon erstwhile you pat the buds. To enactment it bluntly, your earbuds inactive can't archer you you're hot.

Why the swift about-turn? Well, Honor antecedently claimed its AI somesthesia algorithm had an 80 per cent accidental of achieving a ±0.3 Celsius oregon little mistake wrong a laboratory setting; however, the existent borderline of mistake whitethorn alteration depending connected the idiosyncratic and situation – and to springiness recognition wherever credit's due, the institution ever said the merchandise should not beryllium utilized for aesculapian purposes.

When Honor announced that its somesthesia show sensors were decidedly going to beryllium included successful its caller earbuds (and thus, it had beaten Apple to the punch), it did caveat the announcement with the information that the tech had yet to person regulatory approval. 

Honor told us: "In each marketplace that Honor operates in, it strictly complies with the section laws and regulations. Considering these factors, the instauration of features and products successful markets volition besides vary, depending connected the requirements of the market.

Hence, Honor Earbuds 3 Pro won’t person somesthesia sensor successful the UK and EU markets."

All of this aside, the information that the Honor Earbuds 3 Pro won’t person the promised somesthesia sensor successful the UK and EU markets is the lone insignificant blip successful an different exhaustive suite of features. 

  • Features score: 4.5/5

Honor Earbuds 3 Pro successful  manus  connected  achromatic  background

The Honor Earbuds 3 Pro's lawsuit is pocketable and held closed with reassuringly beardown magnets. (Image credit: TechRadar)

Honor Earbuds 3 Pro review: dependable quality

  • Detailed, expansive soundstage crossed the frequencies
  • Powerful, snappy bass and textured vocals
  • A caller class-leader for Android devices sonically

Arguably the biggest quality betwixt the AirPods Pro and the Honor Earbuds 3 Pro is however overmuch amended the second sounds. Let's fto that descend successful for a moment. It is nary tiny oregon incremental betterment connected Apple's top-tier offering either. 

We streamed euphony from Tidal and Apple Music from our iPhone, Samsung's Galaxy S22 and the Honor Magic 4 Pro. The bass level done Stormzy's Vossi Bop and Dave's PSYCHODRAMA is deeper, snappier and much impactful done the Honor earbuds. Vocals dependable much expressive too; Dave's lamenting, brooding lyrical stylings radiance that spot brighter acknowledgment to the other ounce of texture and realism that the Honor earbuds are capable to unearth. 

The soundstage is simply a interaction much expansive crossed the frequencies, too, though that is simply a much closely-run race. Ultimately, it's the other item – the cleaner starring edges of notes, the emotive prime of vocals – that makes the Honor Earbuds 3 Pro the wide victor crossed the people of our listening. 

Honor's caller (and perchance risky) coaxial dual operator plan has been integrated with each the accomplishment of a surgeon's unwavering hand, to the effect that the Earbuds 3 Pro dependable much engaging, much zealous and much sparkling done the easy handled treble than their AirPods counterparts. Any reservations we mightiness person had astir the operator configuration are rapidly quashed arsenic we pat our feet successful clip to the unrelenting and challenging philharmonic strands recovered successful System of a Down's B.Y.O.B, each of which are held masterfully successful cheque by the Honor Earbuds 3 Pro. 

Stream Debussy's Deux Arabesques, performed by Mehahem Pressler, and the three-dimensional keys soar up done the registers with capable abstraction astir each well-timed treble enactment to consciousness some musically pleasing and really played by lilting, breathing quality hands. 

  • Sound prime score: 5/5

Apple AirPods Pro and Honor Earbuds 3 Pro connected  achromatic  background

Guess the Honor product! (OK, it's the apical one. But enactment the much rounded, somewhat shinier case). (Image credit: TechRadar)

Honor Earbuds 3 Pro review: Design

  • Available successful achromatic grey
  • Just 5.1g per earbud
  • So AirPods Pro-esque it's astir funny

There's nary getting astir it. If imitation beryllium the sincerest signifier of flattery, Honor had immoderate very bully things to accidental astir Apple's AirPods Pro when fashioning the Earbuds 3 Pro. It's alarming however akin the 2 propositions look, broadside by side. 

That said, Honor has gone conscionable a interaction amended present again successful immoderate ways. As good arsenic white, Honor has released a metallic colorway and, with 1 bud weighing conscionable 5.1g without the tip, Honor has besides shaved 3 decigrams disconnected the AirPods Pro's listed 5.4g per bud. It's a insignificant improvement, but if you similar the look and acceptable of the AirPods Pro, you'll person nary complaints here. 

Additionally, erstwhile some products are nether our nose, the Honor's container is conscionable a interaction shinier and much rounded astatine the edges, with metallic branding crossed the hinge of the lid which is held unneurotic with decent and reassuringly beardown magnets.

We can't assistance but instrumentality to the on-ear measurement relation either; swipe up oregon down on the consecutive spine of either earbud and a small beep reassures you that the earpiece has registered your petition and done the concern for you. 

While there's small successful it for artillery beingness – Honor Earbuds 3 Pro committedness 4 hours of playtime and AirPods Pro assertion up to 4.5 hours of listening, some with ANC connected – the Honor Earbuds 3 Pro enactment USB-C charging and Bluetooth 5.2 wherever AirPods Pro are backmost connected Bluetooth 5.0 and athletics a Lightning larboard – and remember, though AirPods already person an audio-sharing function, circumstantial features that were introduced successful mentation 5.2 of the Bluetooth Core Specification whitethorn good mean that Honor's proposition tin enactment Auracast audio sharing successful the future. 

  • Design score: 5/5

Honor Earbuds 3 Pro adjacent  to Honor Magic 4 Pro connected  achromatic  background

If you person an Honor phone, you get adjacent easier pairing… but the Earbuds 3 Pro volition enactment with immoderate Bluetooth device. (Image credit: TechRadar)

Honor Earbuds 3 Pro review: value

  • AirPods-like specs and artillery beingness for little than AirPods
  • Easily betters AirPods for sound
  • No Find My features oregon scope for head-tracked immersive audio

All things considered, the Honor Earbuds 3 Pro correspond exceptionally bully value, particularly if you're an Honor smartphone proprietor and tin person astatine that AirPods-esque quick-pair diagnostic for obscurity adjacent AirPods money.

In presumption of diagnostic set, Honor sits apical of the people for worth too. At €199 successful Europe and £170 successful the UK (which is astir $178 oregon AU$367), Honor’s flagship buds travel successful comfortably little than Apple's AirPods Pro price, but with comparable features – though admittedly, Honor's solution is devoid of the Apple Find My suite and head-tracked Spatial Audio.

Honor customers are not utilized to paying this overmuch for sonic deliverance though, with $60 / £70 the going complaint for the older siblings to the Earbuds 3 Pro. Will buyers pay? We anticipation so. For the Honor Earbuds 3 Pro correspond fantabulous value.

  • Value score: 5/5

Honor Earbuds 3 Pro review: should I bargain it?

Honor Earbuds 3 Pro AttributesNotesRating
FeaturesOverlook the deficiency of somesthesia sensor and it's a competitory proposition4.5/5
Sound qualityImpressive. Easily surpasses the contention for detail, bass value and timing astatine the level5/5
DesignExcellent, but truthful AirPods-like it's transgression 5/5
ValueAn fantabulous bargain for the money, arsenic agelong arsenic you don't ain an iPhone5/5

Buy it if…

Don't bargain it if…

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Think the Honor Earbuds 3 Pro mightiness not beryllium the existent wireless earbuds for you? That's OK, present are 3 alternatives that mightiness connection conscionable the design, feature-set and dependable prime you're looking for. 

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