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Whether you’re readying to make a idiosyncratic oregon nonrecreational website, gathering it up from scratch tin instrumentality plentifulness of time, energy, and money. And if you person small to nary method know-how it tin get adjacent much challenging. Fortunately, determination are tons of superb, simple-to-use tract builders connected the marketplace contiguous and with astir of them, you tin make a cleanable idiosyncratic blog oregon a lightweight nonrecreational site. If you’re somewhat confused astir the rubric of this reappraisal and it got you wondering what happened to Hostinger’s Zyro tract builder, we’ll wide that up consecutive away. To support up with caller trends and technologies, Hostinger launched a caller tract builder to regenerate its erstwhile model, Zyro. If you’ve utilized Zyro to make your erstwhile site, there’s nary request to panic. Zyro volition enactment disposable to Hostinger’s existing customers. So, if you privation to proceed utilizing this tract builder, you inactive can. In contrast, newcomers volition person to settee for the caller builder and it is amended quality than it sounds astatine first. In fact, Hostinger Website Builder stands retired among its galore competitors with immoderate standout features specified arsenic logo builder, contented generator, concern sanction generator, and different AI-powered tools. It’s besides a much beginner-friendly mentation of its predecessor that tin beryllium mastered by non-techies and tech-savvy users alike. So, without further ado, let’s cheque retired Hostinger’s caller “state-of-the-art” tract builder.


  • +

    24/7 unrecorded chat support

  • +

    Awesome AI-powered tools

  • +

    All-in-one benignant of solution

  • +

    Essential ecommerce tools

  • +

    Free SSL security

  • +

    Intuitive and insightful idiosyncratic interface

  • +

    Royalty-free representation library

  • +

    Multi-language support


  • -

    No escaped tiers and nary escaped trials

  • -

    Not acceptable for a rank site

  • -

    You can’t power templates

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Hostinger’s caller website builder (opens successful caller tab) - named Hostinger Website Builder (opens successful caller tab) - is not lone the company’s latest offering to the site-building manufacture but besides the astir beginner-friendly one. 

To enactment it simply, its superior intent is to let users of each backgrounds to make professional-looking and fully-functional sites without overmuch clip oregon trouble. So, nary peculiar skills are required specified arsenic coding oregon the usage of a web plan service (opens successful caller tab)

As with different fashionable tract builders, you tin expect to spot an easy-to-use drag-and-drop exertion backed by artificial quality (AI) tools to simplify the tract instauration process adjacent further. Plus, determination are tons of templates that tin beryllium customized and tweaked to acceptable your site’s intent and style. 

At the halfway of this solution, determination is an intuitive and insightful idiosyncratic interface (UI) that’ll marque the site-building acquisition - everything from picking retired a template to managing a tract post-launch - arsenic seamless arsenic possible. 

Hostinger website builder dashboard

(Image credit: Hostinger)

Hostinger Website Builder features

Hostinger Website Builder is simply a terrific instrumentality for creating idiosyncratic blogs, nonrecreational sites, and online stores without peculiar method skills. The halfway of the process is choosing a template and customizing it until you similar it. Thanks to Hostinger’s easy-to-use exertion this volition beryllium an easygoing experience. However, there’s 1 drawback with this - erstwhile you take a template, you can’t power it without starting each over, and doing this much than erstwhile tin go awfully annoying awfully quick.   

The tract builder profits from a wide interface, intuitive layout, and drag-and-drop functionality. The UI is minimalistic, the halfway options connected the near paper are astir self-explanatory, and adding caller elements is easy. There are astir nary restraints connected however tin 1 determination contented elements around.

Also, its automatically responsive web plan tin set to immoderate surface and look beauteous to footwear - computers, tablets, and smartphones alike.

As for ready-made templates, determination is simply a decent magnitude of them and they are designed to acceptable antithetic types of sites - online stores, creation portfolios, each sorts of blogs, and truthful on. And if nary of them is what you wanted for your site, you tin set colors, alteration fonts, and determination elements around. Plus, Hostinger provides a royalty-free representation room you tin browse and get immoderate representation that catches your eye. 

Like with different Hostinger products, its tract builder works arsenic an all-in-one benignant of solution for creating sites. So, successful summation to the tract builder and each its tools, the bundle besides includes a domain sanction registration and a web hosting work with unmetered traffic, and a escaped SSL certificate. Plus, you tin make up to 100 sites and up to 100 domain-based email accounts, if you privation to bash so. 

If you’re funny successful e-commerce features, you’ll beryllium gladsome to perceive that Hostinger tract builder covers each essentials for specified a site. If you utilized Hostinger’s erstwhile tract builder Zyro (opens successful caller tab) erstwhile it archetypal came out, you mightiness retrieve the implicit lack of immoderate e-commerce features. However, that is not the lawsuit with their latest products. 

Hostinger website builder tools

(Image credit: Hostinger)

Since we’ve beauteous overmuch covered modular site-building tools (as good arsenic e-commerce tools) successful the erstwhile chapter, we’ll present cheque retired the awesome AI-powered tools this builder has to offer. 

If you’re anxious to make much contented for your site, but don’t person capable clip for that, you tin employment Hostinger’s AI Writer to bash the penning for you. To get things started, take 1 of the top-level topics (such arsenic “small business”) and past prime a topic-specific class (let’s accidental gaming). Then, take what portion of your tract the AI volition beryllium creating this portion of penning for (something similar the “About” page), and deed the “Generate” button. 

While the AI’s scope presently seems somewhat limited, the paragraph you’ll get volition beryllium surpassingly readable - and it volition prevention you the clip you could walk connected thing much critical. Plus, AI Writer is present multilingual, which is fantabulous quality for each non-English speakers retired there. 

Another absorbing AI-powered instrumentality is AI Heatmap and it should assistance you find retired what images volition your visitors absorption on, adjacent earlier your tract is finished. Moreover, it tries to foretell successful which mode the visitors volition navigate astir your tract and what volition pull their attraction the most. Then, you tin signifier the elements of your tract successful a mode it attracts the astir visitors and maximizes conversion.

Other noteworthy tools from Hostinger’s container of tricks see Logo Maker (as suggested, it creates catchy logos), Site Analytics (it volition get you an penetration into who visits your site), PageSpeed Insights (a mode to trial your site’s velocity performance), Business Name Generator (it’s self-explanatory), and Slogan Generator (also, self-explanatory). 

User reappraisal  prima  rating

(Image credit: Trust aviator )

User reviews

Since its motorboat successful October 2022, Hostinger’s caller tract builder has attracted a humble idiosyncratic base, and immoderate of these users person shared their observations and opinions astir the merchandise connected fashionable reappraisal sites. Some of the sites we’ve intimately checked see Trustpilot, HostAdvice,, and TrustRadius. 

Since astir idiosyncratic reviews are focused connected web hosting services, we had to get our hands soiled digging done these reviews to find what users deliberation astir the caller tract builder.   

So, portion Hostinger tin boast a 4.5/5 standing connected Trustpilot, 4.5/5 connected HostAdvice, 4.7/5 connected WPBeginner, and 4.8/5 connected Google, these don’t bespeak idiosyncratic reviews of its tract builder. So, we’ve checked the latest idiosyncratic reviews that bring up Hostinger Website Builder successful a bully oregon atrocious light. 

On Trustpilot, users person criticized the process of transferring their sites to the caller tract builder arsenic it was slow, required users to rebuild their sites, and had to hold for a time earlier the sites appeared connected the internet. However, astir users recovered the tract builder elemental to use, swift, and of large help. 

User reviews connected HostAdvice overgarment a akin representation by calling Hostinger Website Builder utile but somewhat dilatory and lacking successful much analyzable editing options. On nary 1 pointed retired the tract builder, but the standing of Hostinger’s wide work was a rock-solid 4.5/5 (88%). 

TrustRadius rated Hostinger with 9.2 retired of 10, which is precocious praise, but Hostinger Website Builder was ne'er mentioned successful idiosyncratic reviews. However, determination were immoderate complaints astir Hostinger’s aged tract builder, Zyro.

So, each successful all, idiosyncratic reviews suggest that astir users are good pleased with Hostinger’s caller merchandise though it could beryllium polished up a bit. To sum it up, astir complaints were astir its velocity and deficiency of much analyzable representation editing options - and that’s it.  

Now, let’s cheque if Hostinger Website Builder is arsenic casual to usage arsenic it claims to be. 

Hostinger media library

(Image credit: Hostinger)

Is Hostinger Website Builder casual to use?  

The abbreviated reply is yes, it is. However, Hostinger Website Builder is not lone casual to usage but it’s 1 of the astir beginner-friendly site-building tools retired there. After all, it was created to code the needs of little tech-savvy Hostinger users. 

Building a tract with WordPress calls for immoderate method know-how (or tons of tutorials) and Zyro wasn’t precisely highly casual to use. So, Hostinger (opens successful caller tab) came up with a marque new, beginner-oriented site-building tool. 

Even if you’re an experienced nonrecreational user, a beginner-friendly tract builder tin assistance your less-experienced teammates get utilized to the caller instrumentality and velocity up the workflow. 

The tract builder’s drag-and-drop, grid-based exertion volition marque adding text, images, videos, maps, interaction forms, and different elements to your tract effortless. There’s besides an icon that lets you clone the full section, which tin importantly velocity up things. And if your tract doesn’t crook retired precisely arsenic expected, there’s an easy-to-spot “Undo” icon that’ll instrumentality your tract to its anterior state.

And if by a changeable of atrocious luck, a thunderstorm causes a powerfulness outage oregon you crook disconnected your machine by accident, acknowledgment to Hostinger’s autosaving functionality you won’t suffer your cherished contented - and this autosaving is activated each mates of seconds.

As mentioned above, Hostinger offers a royalty-free representation library, truthful you tin halt worrying astir wherever you’ll find fitting images for your site. While lone 1 representation tin beryllium uploaded astatine a time, each of them volition beryllium saved successful your representation room from wherever you tin take the ones to use, edit, oregon delete.   

To archer the truth, we weren’t precisely impressed with the tract builder’s variation options. While the tract builder offers much representation variation options than the aged one, it inactive isn’t much. You tin add/remove backgrounds, resize, crop, and upscale an image, and that's astir it. 

So, our lone ailment astir Hostinger Website Builder is that its representation exertion is simply a spot excessively basic. Even so, this instrumentality is astir apt arsenic user-friendly arsenic 1 tin get. 

Hostinger website builder price

(Image credit: Hostinger)

Hostinger Website Builder pricing: is it a bully worth for money? 

Hostinger Website Builder comes arsenic a portion of an all-in-one solution titled “Website Builder & Web Hosting” which besides comprises a domain sanction registration and a web hosting (opens successful caller tab) service. So, you’ll get a three-in-one benignant of merchandise with a reasonably pocket-friendly terms tag of $2.79 per month. However, if you privation to subscribe for 1 period only, the terms volition spike up to $10.99, positive a one-off setup interest of $4.99 - so, $15.98 successful total. 

On the different hand, if you perpetrate for one, two, oregon 3 years, you’ll get 75% disconnected the archetypal terms and a escaped domain sanction for a year. After the promotional play runs out, the terms volition spike up to $6.99 per month, which is inactive a beauteous tenable price.  

Hostinger website builder pricing range

(Image credit: Hostinger)

Also, fixed that Hostinger Website Builder comes with each disposable Hostinger web hosting packages, you tin acquisition immoderate of them and get the tract builder astatine nary further cost. The cheapest enactment retired of these is the “Single Web Hosting” program and if you subscribe for 3 years, you’ll wage arsenic small arsenic $1.99 per month. 

All Hostinger’s web hosting (opens successful caller tab) and website builder plans are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means you tin effort retired everything earlier making a semipermanent commitment. However, determination are nary escaped trials nor escaped tiers for the caller tract builder astatine the moment. 

As for outgo methods, Hostinger accepts each large credit/debit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, AliPay, and Coingate. 

So, does Hostinger Website Builder supply bully worth for money? Yes, peculiarly if you subscribe for a longer play and get a decent discount - and Hostinger astir ever offers its products astatine a discount. 

Hostinger precocious  security

(Image credit: Hostinger)

Hostinger Website Builder information and security 

With cybercrime connected the rise, tract owners request to enactment precise vigilant to support their sites connected the harmless broadside of the internet. A astute spot to commencement is to marque definite your work supplier is equipped with each the information tools you’ll request to shield your tract and its visitors from each sorts of threats. Fortunately for each Hostinger customers, the institution takes the information of its products and services precise seriously. 

For starters, Hostinger provides a escaped Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate (opens successful caller tab) with each its plans, which adds different furniture of information to each information being shared done your site. 

With Hostinger you tin acceptable up Cloudflare (opens successful caller tab) which volition conceal each server IP addresses and shield your tract against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

All Hostinger’s plans travel with play backups, which means you tin crook backmost clip successful lawsuit you messiness up your tract oregon thing goes wrong. If automatic play backups aren’t capable for you, you tin ever spell with a business-focused program and get regular backups instead. 

Also, Hostinger supports two-factor authentication (2FA), truthful you tin beryllium definite each your logins are done by you. So, adjacent if idiosyncratic steals your login credentials, they won’t beryllium capable to entree your Hostinger account. 

Instead of a conclusion, we’ll besides adhd that Hostinger guarantees 99.9% uptime with each its web hosting services, and this is the disposable uptime per month. If your tract suffers much downtime than this, you tin interaction the lawsuit enactment unit and petition a recognition of 5% disconnected your monthly hosting interest for that month.

All successful all, Hostinger Website Builder seems similar a coagulated prime successful presumption of security. 

Hostinger lawsuit    support

(Image credit: Hostinger)

Help and enactment  

With each Hostinger's plans (website builder & web hosting included), customers tin trust connected round-the-clock unrecorded chat, e-mail, and summons support. However, a telephone enactment is not disposable astatine this time. 

Live chat enactment is astir apt your champion stake retired of the nonstop enactment channels and you shouldn’t hold for much than a mates of minutes earlier getting a reply from a enactment agent.  

All do-it-yourself types of users volition beryllium thankful for Hostinger's well-supplied Help Center. There, you’ll find some the basic, beginner-oriented web hosting and site-building worldly and tips connected mastering selling and boosting your concern strategy. Most how-tos are written successful a simple-to-understand mode and diagnostic fitting screenshots to footwear - so, getting mislaid is not an option. 

However, we suggest browsing done the categories alternatively than utilizing the hunt container since it’s astonishingly atrocious astatine uncovering the close articles - strange, it’s usually the different mode around.   

All things considered, Hostinger hits the marks successful each areas erstwhile it comes to lawsuit enactment and it offers much options than astir budget-friendly providers.  

Hostinger Website Builder alternatives 

Wix (opens successful caller tab) is not lone 1 of the astir fashionable tract builders connected the marketplace today, but besides 1 of the champion ones. Unlike Hostinger Website Builder, Wix offers a wide assortment of tract builder plans, from idiosyncratic to business-focused ones. In contrast, with Hostinger’s beginner-friendly tract builder you’ll get a one-and-only plan. It’s a spot much generous successful presumption of features, though.  

For example, with Hostinger you’ll get the halfway e-commerce features close from the get-go. Meanwhile, you’ll person to acquisition immoderate of the much pricey plans with Wix to get the aforesaid functionality - we’re talking astir $17 per period and up. On the different hand, Wix is simply a much almighty instrumentality aimed astatine nonrecreational users.

If you’re a developer who wants thing similar Wix but with much power, Editor X mightiness beryllium the cleanable prime for you. Designed for experienced webmasters and developers, Editor X provides superb bid of developer features, fantabulous e-commerce tools, and API support. While its UI looks elemental to use, this tract builder is acold from being beginner-friendly - dissimilar Hostinger Website Builder.

Squarespace (opens successful caller tab) offers much ready-made templates than Hostinger Website Builder and they are much customizable excessively - each acknowledgment to Squarespace’s fantabulous representation editor. However, Squarespace is much costly and little beginner-friendly than Hostinger’s caller builder. 

Is Hostinger Website Builder close for you?  

Hostinger Website Builder is an AI-powered, all-in-one benignant of solution aimed astatine newcomers and little experienced users that program to make a idiosyncratic blog, a pretty-looking portfolio, oregon a tiny online store. 

The templates are beauteous yet simple, the exertion is casual to usage (but a spot excessively basic), and the terms tag is beauteous pocket-friendly. Plus, a escaped SSL certificate, royalty-free representation library, ecommerce features, AI tools, and 24/7 live chat (opens successful caller tab) enactment volition lone sweeten the deal. It’s 1 of the champion beginner-friendly options retired there.  

So, if you liked Zyro, you'll astir apt similar Hostinger Website Builder adjacent more. However, if you felt Zyro was a spot excessively basal for you, possibly you should see immoderate different choices first. While Hostinger Website Builder is surely a measurement up from the aged tract builder, the alteration is not arsenic important arsenic 1 mightiness hope. 

Hostinger Website Builder FAQ  

Does Hostinger person a escaped website builder?

While Hostinger provides a escaped Hostinger Website Builder with each its web hosting plans (even the cheapest one), determination isn’t a escaped variation of this merchandise - nor a escaped proceedings for that matter. Besides this, determination is simply a one-and-only tract builder program and it is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Which is best: Hostinger vs Zyro?

Hostinger Website Builder is an upgraded, feature-rich, AI-powered, rookie-oriented mentation of Zyro, truthful we deliberation it’s an improved variation of the tract builder. However, if you were a instrumentality of Zyro, you’ll astir apt similar it arsenic overmuch nether the caller name.  

What outgo benignant does Hostinger Website Builder support?

The online payments level you tin utilize successful your online store with Hostinger Website Builder is Stripe and it supports respective outgo methods. These see each large credit/debit cards (including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express), Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay, Afterpay/Clearpay, Bancontact, BLIK, and the database goes on. 

We should enactment that the lone outgo method disposable by default is slope cards, portion the different methods volition person to beryllium enabled. They’re each integrated though.  

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