How add new backgrounds to Zoom

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If you find yourself retired and astir during a gathering oregon successful a messy country you curse you volition cleanable sometime soon, you tin fell your surroundings down a virtual background. Whether it’s a earthy scenery oregon a sci-fi vista, a inheritance tin adhd much privateness and amusive to your presentations. Here’s however to adhd caller backgrounds successful Zoom.

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To adhd caller backgrounds successful Zoom, navigate to your Settings--> Background and Effects and click the positive (+) icon to adhd caller images oregon videos.

How to adhd caller backgrounds to Zoom

Adding a caller inheritance representation oregon video is easy. You tin upload pictures oregon video files straight from your machine to Zoom. Launch Zoom connected your desktop, past navigate to your Settings and click Background and Effects.

add inheritance  zoom

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Click the plus(+) icon to the close and prime the representation oregon video files you privation to upload arsenic your caller virtual background.

Where to get Zoom backgrounds

While Zoom offers a fewer default backgrounds, they tin go boring. That’s wherefore radical are utilizing unsocial images and videos to spice up their calls, from fashionable net memes to TV shows. You tin usage your ain archetypal photos oregon immoderate you find online, but present are a fewer recommendations for a flashy caller Zoom background.

Star Wars

star wars backgrounds 18

May the 4th whitethorn person passed, but wherefore not support the unit beardown with immoderate scenic landscapes from a postulation far, acold away? has created a clump of escaped Zoom backgrounds truthful you tin astonishment your squad members by dialing successful from the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon oregon the dunes of Tatooine. Then wherefore not watch immoderate Star Wars movie for free erstwhile your meetings are over?


doctorstrange 01 1920x1080 1

Another colorful franchise nether the Disney umbrella is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel assembled immoderate escaped Zoom backgrounds truthful you tin amusement disconnected your heroic broadside with scenes from immoderate of the best MCU movies by tuning successful from the sweeping landscapes of Wakanda oregon the mythical realm of Asgard.


squid game

The fashionable streaming work gave fans a mode of sharing their existent favourite Netflix series with Zoom inheritance images from shows similar Us oregon Bojack Horsemen. You tin adjacent unreal similar you are trapped wrong 1 of the scenes from Squid Game. That’s definite to beryllium a speech starter.


game of thrones hbo inheritance  1920

Another streaming work that has curated escaped backgrounds is HBO Max. What amended mode to hole for House of the Dragon than sitting connected the Iron Throne during your meetings? You tin besides diagnostic scenes from shows similar Euphoria, Succession, oregon West World.

Memes, Landscapes, and more


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If popular civilization isn’t your cupful of tea, you tin find assorted images from ZoomMeetingsBackgrounds. They person formated backgrounds of galore antithetic styles, from fashionable net memes to beauteous earthy landscapes. You’ll beryllium definite to find thing that strikes your fancy.

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Where are Zoom backgrounds stored?

Any backgrounds different than the default ones provided by Zoom volition beryllium stored connected your device. For desktop, you tin find them via the pursuing record path: C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\Zoom\data\VirtualBkgnd_Custom.

What size is simply a Zoom background?

At minimum dimension, the inheritance should beryllium 960px. However, they tin beryllium a maximum magnitude of 1920px. For champion results, usage an representation oregon video that is 1920px by 1080px (16:9 facet ratio).

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