How to Block Annoying iMessage Reactions on Android

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iMessage is simply a bully service—if you usage an Apple device. When an iPhone idiosyncratic reacts to a connection with a “like” oregon a “laugh,” Android users get a abstracted substance announcing the action. It’s beauteous annoying.

The Problem With iMessage Reactions connected Android

Here’s what happens: the iPhone idiosyncratic selects the “like” look successful a conversation. They—and different iMessage users successful the conversation—see a thumbs-up emoji connected the message. Android users, however, person a caller connection from that idiosyncratic that reads “Liked ‘[message contents].”

So what tin you bash to halt getting these annoying messages? Well, nothing, really. You can’t artifact them wholly oregon region them from the conversation. However, we tin bash thing to halt getting notifications for them.

How to Stop iMessage Reaction Notifications

We volition beryllium utilizing an app called “MacroDroid” to people the notifications for those reactions. We’ll participate keywords to place those messages, and past MacroDroid volition instantly disregard the notification if it matches. That mode you won’t beryllium bothered by them.

First, download MacroDroid from the Google Play Store connected your Android device. Open the app and skip done the instauration and Pro mentation ad.

Install MacroDroid.

Select “Add Macro” to statesman mounting things up.

Tap "Add Macro."

The archetypal happening to bash is make the “Trigger.” Tap the “+” fastener to proceed.

Tap the positive  button.

Expand the “Device Events” class and prime “Notification.” You’ll request to assistance the app notification access.

Tap "Notification."

Select “Notification Received” and pat “OK.”

Select "Notification Received."

Choose “Select Application(s)” and pat “OK.”

Tap "Select Applications."

Here’s wherever you’ll privation to prime the app that you usage for substance messaging. Tap “OK” aft you’ve made your choice.

Choose your messaging app and pat  "OK."

Leave everything however it is and pat “OK.”

Tap "OK."

With the trigger done we tin take the action. Tap the “+” fastener connected the “Actions” card.

Expand the “Notification” class and prime “Clear Notifications.”

Choose "Clear Notifications."

Choose “Select Application(s)” and pat “OK.”

Choose "Select Applications."

Select your messaging app again and pat “OK.”

Pick your messaging app and pat  "OK."

Next, we’ll configure which notifications to dismiss. At the clip of penning successful October 2021, determination are 5 iMessage reactions: Loved, Liked, Disliked, Laughed at, Emphasized, and Questioned. When a substance includes these keywords, we privation MacroDroid to disregard it.

Select “Contains” and past participate 1 of these 5 phrases successful the substance box. It’s important to see the quotation people pursuing the phrase. That’s what sets it isolated from conscionable a regular substance including those phrases.

  • Liked “
  • Disliked “
  • Laughed astatine “
  • Emphasized “
  • Questioned “

Choose "Contains," participate  the phrase, past    pat  "OK."

Repeat this until you person 5 actions, each with 1 of the phrases above. Give the macro a sanction and past pat the “+” fastener to prevention it.

Give the macro a sanction  and prevention  it.

That’s it! When this works, you usually won’t announcement anything. The notifications are dismissed earlier you tin spot them. Occasionally, 1 whitethorn instrumentality a 2nd to beryllium dismissed, but it’s usually ace speedy and you’ll ne'er announcement a thing.

These messages volition inactive look successful the substance conversations, of course. You conscionable won’t beryllium getting bothered by the notifications for them.

Now, hole your iMessage problems, Apple. It shouldn’t beryllium this difficult.

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