How to change (or reset) your Amazon password

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Managing each of your passwords tin beryllium a hassle. It’s a bully signifier to constitute them down and keep them determination safe, but determination whitethorn travel a clip erstwhile you can’t find a peculiar password. The aforesaid tin beryllium said for stale passwords, which you should get into the regular of changing for information reasons. Amazon gives you the enactment to alteration oregon reset your password whenever you want. Let’s reappraisal however to alteration oregon reset your password connected Amazon.

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How to alteration your Amazon password


Go to Amazon successful your browser, past sojourn the Your Account leafage by clicking the dropdown fastener astatine the apical of the page.

click your relationship  fastener  1

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Within the Your Account menu, click the Login & security button.

click login and security

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In Login & security, you tin edit each of the antithetic attributes of your account. Click Edit next to Password.

edit password amazon

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Enter your existent password successful the Current password field, past participate your caller password twice.

enter aged  password and prevention  caller   password

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Click Save changes when finished.

Android & iOS

Open the Amazon app connected your mobile device, past pat the 2nd (head and shoulders) tab astatine the bottommost of the interface. Within the 2nd tab, pat the Your Account button.

within relationship  settings connected  mobile spell  to relationship  security

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Under Account Settings, pat the Login & security button.

In Login & security, tap Edit next to Password.

change password mobile

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In Change Password, participate your aged password and your caller password underneath. Tap Save changes erstwhile finished.

How to reset your Amazon password

It happens. You spell to log successful connected Amazon and you can’t for the beingness of you retrieve what you acceptable your password to.

If you’re uncovering yourself successful this situation, don’t worry. As agelong arsenic you retrieve the login details for the email code linked to your Amazon account, you tin reset your password. Let’s spell implicit that close away.


To reset your Amazon password connected a computer, spell to the Amazon website and hover your cursor implicit the dropdown astatine the top. Begin the login process by clicking the Sign in button.

start motion   successful  process   amazon

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Click the Need help? button underneath the Sign-In area.

click connected  Need Help

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Select Forgot Password from the options that look below.

click forgot password

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Enter the email oregon telephone fig associated with your account. In this case, we’re sending an email for Password assistance.

enter your email address

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After requesting the email, you volition beryllium redirected to the Verification required page. You indispensable unfastened a caller tab oregon model and spell to your email (or unfastened your telephone for the codification sent to your phone).

otp screen

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In your email, find the Amazon password assistance email. Open it.

locate the caller   otp email from amazon

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Find the One Time Password (OTP) in the email, past transcript it to your clipboard.

copy that otp

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Go backmost to the Amazon Verification required leafage and paste the OTP successful the Enter OTP field. Click Continue.

paste otp

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Enter your caller password twice, past click Save changes and motion in.

new password set

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