How to change your PlayStation Network username

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James Bareham, The Verge

It wasn’t all the time straightforward to vary your PlayStation Network (PSN) account identify. Truly, it wasn’t till April 2019 that Sony allowed account holders to do it in any respect. Now, each account is allowed to vary their username as soon as free of charge. Any modifications after that come at a price: $4.99 when you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, or $9.99 for everybody else.

Whether or not you’ve outgrown your username otherwise you simply need to change it, we’re going to stroll you through the process. Nevertheless, there are a couple of warnings to run by means of first.

In the event you principally play newer games (particularly, games launched after April 1st, 2018), Sony says that you simply shouldn’t encounter many, if any, issues with the username change since these video games have been developed to help this...

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