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The Asus ROG Strix PG329Q is simply a coagulated 32-inch HDR 600 gaming monitor.

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High Dynamic Range refers to scenes rendered with brighter highlights, greater shadiness item and a wider scope of colour for a amended looking image. For gaming HDR, successful opposition to TV HDR, it means much than a prettier picture: The amended you tin spot what's lurking successful the agleam and acheronian areas, the much apt you are to debar hidden enemies and spot clues. But support successful mind, that astir games are inactive designed for the mediate communal denominator: Everything you need to spot is sufficiently disposable successful the mediate of the brightness range.

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Games inactive necessitate explicit HDR enactment for optimal results, but the instauration of Auto HDR successful the Xbox Series X/S and successful Windows 11 changes that: The operating systems tin automatically grow the brightness and colour ranges of nonHDR games. It's not the aforesaid arsenic having a crippled that was rendered to usage the expanded ranges, but it tin springiness it a bump to marque it look amended than it different would.

What is HDR and wherefore bash I privation it?

To present its magic, HDR combines respective elements. First, it uses an extended brightness range, good beyond the 256 levels displayable by a emblematic monitor, and successful the champion cases, beyond the existent 1,024 levels of a large monitor. It besides covers much colors than the least-common-denominator sRGB gamut, profiles indispensable to optimally representation the colour and brightness ranges of contented to the capabilities of the display, a decoder successful the show that understands the mapping and each the related technologies that necktie the pieces unneurotic -- not the slightest of which is the operating system. 

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For a batch of games, HDR doesn't matter, due to the fact that they don't person tons of areas with precocious brightness oregon heavy shadows, oregon don't instrumentality vantage of the bigger tonal scope successful immoderate meaningful way. But for games that enactment it, you'll astir apt get amended visuals for AAA games, much creeps from fearfulness games, less ambushes retired of the shadows successful FPS games and truthful on.

The existent question isn't whether oregon not you privation it. The question is however overmuch are you consenting to wage for it -- not conscionable for a show with "HDR10" successful its specs, but for a show that volition present the representation prime that we subordinate with HDR.

Will an HDR gaming show enactment with the Xbox Series X/S and PS5?

Yup! There are adjacent a publically disposable acceptable of best practices for HDR crippled improvement and show design developed by Sony, Microsoft and a big of different applicable companies nether the umbrella HDR Gaming Interest Group, for their consoles and Windows. But HGIG isn't a standards body, nor does it certify products, truthful you inactive request to wage adjacent attraction to specs. And it gets much confusing still

'HDMI 2.1' caveats

Unfortunately, the HDMI specification has turned into specified a messiness that you can't marque assumptions astir capabilities based connected the mentation number. Not lone is each HDMI 2.0 transportation henceforward to beryllium labeled arsenic 2.1a (with the aforesaid HDMI 2.0 diagnostic set), but the specification nary longer mandates immoderate of the important caller features; successful different words, each the whizzy capabilities that made HDMI 2.1 desirable, particularly arsenic a prime for consoles, are present optional. 

Bottom line: If you privation a show for your console that tin bash 4K astatine 120Hz, enactment adaptable complaint refresh and car low-latency mode, you'll person to verify enactment for each individually. And the aforesaid goes if you privation a PC show connected via HDMI that tin enactment source-based code mapping (discussed below) and bandwidth-intensive combinations of precocious resolution, accelerated refresh rates and precocious colour depth/HDR.

Monitor manufacturers are expected to database supported features explicitly; if they don't, either walk the show by oregon delve deeper. If you privation the gory details, TFT Central does an fantabulous occupation explaining the issues.

What bash I look for successful an HDR gaming monitor?

The word "HDR" has go beauteous diluted acknowledgment to marketers stretching the explanation to encompass displays successful the astir fashionable terms scope (less than $400). So to a definite constituent you person wage attraction to aggregate specs to fig retired if it's susceptible of a existent HDR experience.

The VESA show manufacture relation created a acceptable of standards and criteria for conveying HDR prime levels successful user monitors, DisplayHDR, which is beauteous reliable arsenic 1 method of crossing choices disconnected your list. (DisplayHDR 400 is laughable for HDR due to the fact that its colour gamut and brightness requirements marque it the kiddie excavation of HDR, but if you're conscionable looking for a agleam SDR show it's a bully bet.) 

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Many manufacturers person taken to referring to monitors as, for example, "HDR 600," which confuses things. It's ne'er wide whether they're simply utilizing it arsenic shorthand for the equivalent DisplayHDR level and don't privation to wage for the logo certification program, oregon whether they're utilizing it arsenic misleading shorthand for the quality to deed the highest brightness level of a peculiar tier. It's imaginable for them to tally done the certification tests themselves for interior verification without opting for the logo. (You can, too, with the DisplayHDR Test utility disposable successful the Microsoft Store.)

monitor-logos-photo-3 Lori Grunin/CNET

That's wherefore it's important to recognize the important -- and not truthful important -- HDR-related specs.

HDR10 and HDR10 Plus Gaming

From a spec standpoint, HDR10 enactment means small to nothing, due to the fact that it lone means the show understands the information watercourse and render it somehow, not that it really beryllium susceptible of displaying it well. Adherence to the HDR10 modular is the astir basal level a show has to deed (and the cheapest to include) successful bid to telephone itself "HDR." It's simply means the show tin enactment the algorithms needed by an operating strategy to representation HDR contented correctly to the capabilities of the monitor: brightness mapping and the quality to grip the 10-bit calculations that mapping needs (for EOTF and SMPTE ST.2084 gamma), knowing however to enactment with the compressed colour sampling successful video and the capableness of handling and mapping colors notated wrong the Rec 2020 colour space. 

At CES2022, the enactment down the HDR10 standard announced a caller level, the forthcoming HDR10 Plus Gaming standard, a saltation of the HDR10 Plus that's been disposable connected TVs for a while. It adds Source Side Tone Mapping (SSTM), adjusts the brightness scope connected a country level based connected information embedded by the crippled developer -- HDR10 has a azygous scope that has to enactment for the full game. It besides includes the quality to automatically trigger a display's debased latency mode, to compensate for the further overhead imposed by the HDR information (more important for TVs than monitors), arsenic good arsenic enactment for adaptable refresh rates successful 4K astatine 120Hz connected consoles (still not implemented successful the PS5 arsenic of today).

HDR10 Plus requires certification and a paid license for the hardware manufacturers (that includes GPUs), due to the fact that the licence besides pays for usage rights to selected patents of the subordinate manufacturers, but not bundle developers. Samsung announced astatine CES that each its 2022 gaming monitors volition enactment HDR10 Plus.

Color and brightness

Brightness is simply a measurement of however overmuch airy the surface tin emit, usually arsenic expressed successful nits (candelas per quadrate meter). Most desktop monitors tally 250 to 350 nits typically successful SDR (standard explanation range), but HDR monitors besides specify a highest brightness which they tin deed for abbreviated periods successful HDR mode and usually for conscionable a information of the screen. Displays that enactment HDR should commencement astatine 400 nits highest -- astatine the precise slightest -- and presently tally arsenic precocious arsenic 1,600. (Laptop screens are different, due to the fact that they request to beryllium viewable successful antithetic types of lighting, specified arsenic nonstop sunlight, truthful so payment from higher brightness levels adjacent without HDR support.) 

OLED screens thin to beryllium assessed otherwise due to the fact that they execute virtually zero-brightness achromatic levels, which is what makes them truthful precocious opposition careless of however agleam they tin get; opposition is 1 of the biggest determinants of however we comprehend the prime of an image. 

For gaming and monitors successful general, the colour abstraction you're astir funny successful is P3, which comes successful 2 somewhat antithetic flavors: DCI-P3 and D65 P3. In practice, they disagree lone by their achromatic points; DCI is simply a hairsbreadth warmer (6300K alternatively of 6500K) and was conceived for editing film. However, I often spot DCI-P3 listed successful specs wherever they truly mean D65. That's fine, due to the fact that D65, which was spearheaded by Apple for its ain displays, is the 1 we attraction astir for gaming monitors. And their gamuts are identical, truthful unless I'm specifically differentiating betwixt the 2 I notation to it simply arsenic P3. (If you've got educated eyes you tin archer the quality betwixt the 2 whites, but it's immaterial for astir people.)

You'll besides commonly spot gamuts listed arsenic a percent of Adobe RGB, which is good arsenic well. Adobe RGB and P3 overlap significantly; Adobe RGB is shifted a spot toward the green/cyan extremity of the spectrum, due to the fact that printers usage cyan ink, portion P3 extends further retired connected the green/yellows, which are easier for bully monitors to produce. And that, successful a nutshell, is wherefore erstwhile specs accidental "over a cardinal colors" (the fig produced by utilizing 10-bit math) it's meaningless. Which cardinal matters.


The smallest triangle is the colour gamut of immoderate decent show and is astir equivalent to sRGB (it's really Rec 709). The adjacent largest is P3 colour and the largest is Rec 2020.

Geoffrey Morrison/CNET (triangles); Sakurambo (base chart)

Any show you see for decent HDR viewing should decidedly screen overmuch much than 100% sRGB, a abstraction developed by HP and Microsoft successful 1996 to supply least-common-denominator colour matching successful Windows that is astir equivalent to the colour abstraction of the the Rec 709 SDR video standard. If you look astatine the illustration above, you tin spot instantly wherefore the greens of sRGB-calibrated monitors and images are atrocious and everything is looks comparatively debased opposition (because it can't attain precocious saturation values of astir hues).

Based connected my experience, I deliberation a decent HDR show should beryllium capable to deed a highest brightness of betwixt 600 and 1,000 nits and screen astatine slightest 95% of the P3 oregon Adobe RGB colour gamut. (When Windows looks atrocious successful HDR mode, it's the effect of little brightness capability, sRGB-only colour gamut, poorly designed aspects of the operating strategy and math.)

Backlight type

All surface technologies but OLED radiance a airy done assorted layers of colour filters and liquid crystal to nutrient an representation except OLED, which has self-illuminating pixels. Most panels with backlights whitethorn show immoderate artifacts, notably the quality of airy astir the edges of a acheronian screen, usually referred to arsenic backlight bleed (although it's technically an artifact of borderline lighting). A newer backlight exertion which is large for HDR, mini LED, lets a show usage local dimming similar a TV to nutrient precocious brightness with little bleed and less agleam halos erstwhile they look adjacent to acheronian areas; the brighter the display, the much noticeable unwanted brightness tends to be. Mini LED is utilized by the latest harvest of HDR displays with brightness of 1,000 nits oregon more. 

And arsenic with TVs, much local-dimming zones is better.

As brightness rises, truthful does price, which is wherefore 400-nit displays are truthful appealing to some buyers and sellers. Tossing successful gaming needs similar a precocious refresh complaint tin boost the terms adjacent more.

The latest twist is the Samsung QD-OLED sheet that volition vessel successful the Alienware 34 QD-OLED Gaming Display, which uses OLED arsenic the backlight truthful it tin nutrient higher opposition and faster effect times, combined with a Quantum Dot array for achieving a broader array of colors.

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