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There are a ton of mattresses retired there. That's arsenic beneficial arsenic it is overwhelming. Not lone are determination dozens of brands, but determination are antithetic types of mattresses to take from each crafted to suit circumstantial sleeping positions, assemblage types and different idiosyncratic differences.

To assistance marque buying for your adjacent furniture a breeze, we've created a usher to the 5 astir communal types of mattresses connected the marketplace contiguous -- memory foam, innerspring, hybrid, latex and adjustable aerial -- and who tin payment the astir from each one. 

How galore types of mattresses are there?

There are hundreds of mattresses retired there, each of which connection thing unique, whether successful their construction, peculiar features and feel. That makes choosing the close 1 for you difficult. Thankfully, determination are 5 main categories of mattresses that each furniture volition autumn under: Memory foam, coil, hybrid, latex and adjustable air. 

When buying for your adjacent bed, you tin commencement by choosing the class of mattress you want. That volition assistance you filter retired a batch of mattresses that won't enactment for you. Now, let's excavation into what each class entails. 

What's the champion benignant of mattress?

Memory foam


Memory foam layers wrong a Layla mattress.

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Memory foam is simply a temperature-sensitive mattress worldly that lets sleepers "sink in" a spot upon lying down, with the sensation of brushed foam filling successful astir the contours and curves of your body. It works by vigor activation erstwhile a lukewarm assemblage presses into it, softening the foam. It's called representation foam due to the fact that it "remembers" a signifier that was precocious pressed into it by retaining its content for a fewer seconds.

Memory foam was primitively created by NASA contractor Charles Yost successful the 1970s arsenic a softer and much supportive seating enactment for hose pilots and passengers. Since then, it's besides been utilized successful wheelchairs, NASCAR vehicles, footwear insoles and galore different applications. Its archetypal quality arsenic a mattress material wasn't until the 1990s, however, erstwhile it was introduced by a Swedish foam institution that aboriginal helped recovered the Tempur-Pedic institution successful the United States. From determination on, the representation foam mattress has grown exponentially successful popularity, adjacent becoming a favourite among today's direct-to-consumer bed-in-a-box companies


  • Soft and mold to the signifier of your body
  • Great astatine isolating motion
  • Affordable and casual to find online 


  • Some representation foam beds let you to descend acold into the foam, which gives you a stuck-in-the-mud feeling. 
  • Big scope successful quality 
  • Expect immoderate level of off-gassing erstwhile you unfastened it
  • Some person atrocious borderline support

Who should bargain a representation foam mattress?

Memory foam is known for its superior unit alleviation since it tin assistance enactment communal achy unit points similar the shoulders and hips. 

It besides offers amended question isolation, meaning it reduces question transportation more, than different mattress types, since question generated connected 1 broadside of the mattress is fundamentally absorbed truthful that it won't transportation implicit to the different side. 

Softer representation foam is perfect for broadside sleepers, portion tummy and backmost sleepers payment from the firmer varieties. Folks with a assemblage value of 130 pounds oregon little often similar representation foam, particularly the softest types. Sleepers who measurement more whitethorn privation to opt for a firmer mattress, specified arsenic those with coils, since they connection much support. 

4 types of representation foam

1. Traditional representation foam is known for unit alleviation among those with backmost and associated pain, and its wide coziness for sleepers who bask being mildly hugged by foam. Some drawbacks are vigor retention and imaginable trouble successful question for those who similar to alteration slumber positions passim the night.

2. Open compartment foam is made similar accepted representation foam, but has an unfastened pouch operation of "cells" wrong that beforehand airflow and assistance wick distant heat. It responds to the vigor of your assemblage to assistance you slumber cooler astatine night, and decreases immoderate off-gassing produced arsenic well. 

3. Gel-infused oregon cooling foam can besides beryllium utilized to counteract the vigor retention of accepted representation foam. It whitethorn impact incorporating an wholly abstracted gel layer, oregon pumping successful gel microbeads that sorb and disperse vigor from your body. Other cooling materials tin besides beryllium used, similar graphite, copper, bamboo and phase-change material.

4. Poly foam is simply a airy and airy worldly that is affordable, casual to marque and commonly utilized successful sofa cushions. It's besides cooler to slumber connected than immoderate different types of foam. It's sometimes utilized arsenic reinforcement underneath oregon betwixt layers of different foam. The downsides are that it sometimes isn't each that durable and whitethorn supply much question transfer. 

Popular representation foam brands

A fewer of the astir fashionable memory foam mattresses include:

  • Nectar: Nectar offers premium representation foam mattresses with generous 365-day slumber trials. 
  • Layla: These mattresses travel with 120-night slumber trials and a beingness warranty. The company's latest innovation is simply a flippable representation foam mattress with a prime of firmness connected each side. 
  • Amerisleep: This marque makes representation foam mattresses to suit immoderate benignant of sleeper, with its astir fashionable exemplary being the AS3, which works for astir assemblage types and slumber presumption preferences.
  • Casper Original: The Casper Original mattress provides zoned enactment underneath gentle, contouring foams for a cozy and restful night's sleep.



Individually pocketed coils.

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The wide most popular and affordable mattresses connected the marketplace are innerspring mattresses. Known for their supportiveness and precocious airflow, these mattresses are crafted with an interior coil system, hence the word "innerspring." The coils are usually made of tempered steel, which is alloy that has undergone a vigor attraction to summation its toughness. The highest-quality innerspring mattresses tin person up to 1,000 coils oregon more. 

There are a fewer different types of innerspring coils, including:

  • A azygous continuous interior coil.
  • Numerous abstracted coils, which are typically pocketed individually successful fabric. These determination independently of 1 another, offering greater question isolation and comfort. 
  • Bonnell coils, which are hourglass-shaped. They're durable and steadfast but a spot large erstwhile unit is placed upon them. This benignant of coil is among the astir affordable. 
  • Offset coils, which are hourglass-shaped with squared sides and are remarkably supportive and adjuvant with contouring. These are quieter coils, arsenic good arsenic much comfortable, but besides much expensive.    

A furniture of padding, foam, infused gel oregon different cushioning is usually recovered supra the coil strategy arsenic reinforcement and to assistance support the coils from sticking retired of the mattress. 

Some newer innerspring mattresses person capable layering supra the springs to gain them the "hybrid" statement (more connected that below). They're usually overmuch denser and bouncier than beds successful the foam category, and they besides supply overmuch much support.


  • Often precise affordable 
  • Bouncy and responsive 
  • Offer a ton of support


  • The coils tin beryllium noisy 
  • Not the champion astatine isolating movement. You'll consciousness your spouse oregon favored determination connected the furniture adjacent to you

Who should bargain an innerspring mattress?

Back and tummy sleepers are apt to admit the enactment of the innerspring, portion broadside sleepers whitethorn not lukewarm up to them arsenic easily. Their fantabulous airflow besides makes them well-liked by radical who "sleep hot." Lastly, radical who measurement implicit 230 pounds whitethorn admit the supportive durability of coils, arsenic coils thin to person a firmer, bouncier feel.

Being prone to noisiness implicit time, innerspring mattresses aren't large for radical who question soundlessness successful a mattress (though that isn't needfully the lawsuit with newer models). Since they person poorer question isolation, innersprings are besides not large for couples if either spouse moves astir a batch during sleep. 

Popular innerspring mattress brands

A fewer fashionable innerspring mattress brands include:

  • Saatva: This mattress is disposable with customizable heights and firmness levels, and it comes successful 8 sizes. It's not a furniture successful a box, but comes with escaped in-room transportation and setup and removal of your aged mattress.  
  • Avocado Organic: The Avocado Green mattress is 100% certified integrated with implicit 1,400 pocketed coils arranged successful 5 targeted zones for optimal support. 
  • WinkBeds: These mattresses are made to bid and handmade successful the USA, and you get a 120-night slumber trial.
  • GhostBed Flex: The GhostBed Flex offers fantabulous enactment via layers of individually wrapped and reinforced coils arsenic good arsenic a high-density basal layer. GhostBed offers a 101-night slumber proceedings and a 25-year warranty.


allswell hybrid mattress layered construction

The antithetic layers wrong of an Allswell hybrid mattress.

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Hybrid mattresses instrumentality elements from innerspring and foam mattresses and harvester them with a fewer different materials successful an bonzer layered creation. Consisting of some representation foam and coils, these beds are capable to connection some fantabulous question isolation and superb contouring. 

Since they alleviate unit similar representation foam mattresses portion providing robust enactment with their coil systems, hybrids are often considered to beryllium the "best of some worlds." While technically a benignant of innerspring with layers of representation foam, the latest hybrid mattress models usually person a halfway of individually wrapped pocketed coils alternatively than immoderate of the different coil systems. 

The nonstop operation varies importantly by model, truthful shoppers should question retired the features astir important to them: sleeping position, weight, somesthesia and immoderate issues with backmost oregon associated pain. Our database of the best hybrid mattresses has options for a assortment of buyers.

Depending upon the prime and brand, immoderate hybrids whitethorn person their ain acceptable of disadvantages. Even with a coil strategy and enhanced breathability, immoderate whitethorn inactive "sleep hot," portion others whitethorn sag prematurely oregon person mediocre borderline support. Some whitethorn beryllium a spot connected the pricey side, too.


  • Just astir anyone tin slumber happily connected a hybrid bed
  • Extremely durable acknowledgment to the operation of foam and coils 
  • Pocketed coils are highly supportive 


  • Expensive 
  • Some whitethorn slumber hot

Who should bargain a hybrid mattress?

Since hybrids travel successful respective firmness levels, they entreaty to a scope of individuals. Shoppers should chiefly support successful caput their assemblage size and preferred sleeping presumption erstwhile deciding connected one. Sleepers who measurement 130 pounds oregon less, arsenic good arsenic broadside sleepers, would bash good with a softer variety, portion those who similar to slumber connected their backs oregon stomachs, oregon anyone weighing implicit 230 pounds, would payment from a exemplary with a firmer coil system. 

Popular hybrid mattress brands

Some of the astir popular hybrid mattress brands and models include:

  • Purple Hybrid: The Purple Hybrid uses noise-reducing stainless-steel coils to supply enactment for the mattress's proprietary hyper-elastic polymer grid.
  • DreamCloud: These beds person resilient enactment cores of individually pocketed coils for top-level buoyancy arsenic good arsenic fantabulous borderline reinforcement. You'll get a afloat year's slumber proceedings with the acquisition of a DreamCloud.
  • Helix Midnight Luxe: Helix Sleep's Midnight Luxe exemplary features implicit 1,000 wrapped coils to supply due spinal alignment and enactment nether layers of cradling foams and gels.
  • Allswell: This hybrid mattress from Amerisleep, a Walmart brand, is impressively high-quality for a debased price.

Adjustable air 


An adjustable airbed from Sleep Number.

Sleep Number

Adjustable aerial mattresses let you to customize the firmness level successful antithetic areas of your furniture arsenic needed. The firmness of the mattress is adjusted done the usage of aerial chambers successful the cardinal enactment core. The aerial chambers either inflate oregon deflate erstwhile a pump (remote control, manual oregon app-powered) is activated according to your setting. As the fig goes up, your mattress volition go firmer. 

In summation to accrued comfort, this benignant of customization tin beforehand steadfast spinal alignment, alleviate snoring and assistance with symptom reduction. Adjustable aerial mattresses are highly durable erstwhile adequately cared for. 

Most of these mattresses person betwixt 1 and 4 aerial chambers, but they whitethorn incorporate much than that. Normally, you'll find padding oregon foam connected the apical furniture of adjustable aerial mattresses, though much analyzable models whitethorn besides person coils oregon different further elements. 

For the negatives, adjustable aerial mattresses tin beryllium large and connected the costly side. They mightiness besides extremity up breaking down much often than different beds owed to the mechanical quality of their creation -- and the repairs could beryllium costly arsenic well.

Since they're adjustable, these mattresses tin enactment for astir anyone, careless of assemblage type, preferred slumber presumption oregon different factors. Those with aches and pains often find that the adjustability helps alleviate discomfort. They're besides large for couples if the furniture allows customization connected some sides, and operation sleepers tin payment from changing the settings arsenic needed. It's apt these beds volition beryllium costlier than astir different mattress choices, truthful those funny successful a budget-friendly mattress volition privation to look elsewhere.


  • Customizable 
  • Portable 
  • Affordable 


  • Less reliable than accepted beds
  • Patching it tin beryllium expensive 
  • Can slumber hot

Popular adjustable aerial mattress brands

Some fashionable adjustable aerial mattress brands and models include:

  • Sleep Number: Sleep Number mattresses utilize thing called Responsive Air exertion to automatically set each broadside to the firmness of your liking. 
  • Saatva Solaire: The Saatva Solaire allows aerial chambers to capable oregon bare according to the sleepers' comfortableness and the usage of a useful distant control. 
  • Ghost SmartBed 3D Matrix: This furniture has a furniture of adjustable aerial chambers that connects to your mobile instrumentality oregon tablet for easiness of usage immoderate clip you privation to customize.



A earthy Talalay latex mattress topper.


Latex mattresses are known for their longevity, often outliving different beds by respective years. Latex is simply a worldly made from the sap of rubber trees. When successful its all-natural form, latex is fashionable for its sustainability, particulate mite resistance, and hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties. Synthetic latex is besides common, arsenic it mimics galore of the qualities recovered successful earthy latex. All forms of latex are resilient, breathable and supportive with awesome airflow. However, synthetic latex is not people hypoallergenic and whitethorn person noticeable off-gassing. 

To marque the earthy latex utilized successful mattresses, 1 of 2 processes whitethorn beryllium employed: the Dunlop oregon Talalay method. The Dunlop is the simpler enactment of the two, and makes a firmer, denser latex with much bounce, with the last consistency being akin to that of a freshly baked lb cake. The Talalay process creates latex that's softer with the texture of angel nutrient cake, and is considered a spot much luxurious than Dunlop -- with the terms tag to match. 

The downside of latex is however dense it tin be, truthful program connected needing much than 1 idiosyncratic to assistance retired if you privation to determination it astir betwixt rooms successful your home. It tin besides beryllium expensive.


  • Naturally sleeps cool
  • Bouncy and responsive 
  • Eco-friendly and hypoallergenic 
  • Durable 


  • Expensive 
  • Heavy

Who should bargain a latex bed?

Latex beds are large for operation sleepers, anyone who sleeps hot, oregon folks who similar to alteration their sleeping presumption often. They connection the comfortableness of foam without the contouring that causes immoderate sleepers to consciousness trapped successful 1 spot oregon position. 

The all-natural varieties of latex mattresses are people hypoallergenic and particulate mite resistant, making them perfect for asthma and allergy sufferers. They're besides precise debased connected off-gassing, bringing zero to hardly detectable levels of chemic smells into your home. 

More specifically, Dunlop latex is bully for those with backmost symptom since it's firmer. Talalay latex is perfect for radical who can't get comfy connected too-firm mattresses, including broadside sleepers and those successful request of other unit relief. 

Popular latex mattress brands

Some of the astir fashionable latex mattress brands and models include:

  • PlushBeds: PlushBeds makes respective high-quality latex beds, including the Botanical Bliss integrated latex mattress, which is CNET's prime for the best latex mattress
  • GhostBed: A much affordable latex mattress enactment that features synthetic latex foam, which is much breathable than different foams.
  • Spindle: The Spindle integrated latex mattress is made with 100% integrated latex, wool and cotton.
  • Brentwood Home: Brentwood Home's Cedar Luxe Natural Luxury mattress has cautiously organized and patented zones of latex. These beds are large for backmost and tummy sleepers.

How to take a mattress for your assemblage benignant and weight

When buying for a mattress, your assemblage benignant and value matters. Not lone does it assistance you find what benignant of mattress you should buy, but it besides influences however the mattress feels. 

Let's speech astir however your assemblage benignant tin find what benignant of mattress you should get. Those who measurement implicit 230 pounds request much durability and enactment from their mattress. Because of this, all-foam mattresses and adjustable beds thin to lack. Innerspring oregon hybrid mattresses are mostly your champion bet, truthful you get the comfortableness of representation foam and the enactment of modern coil technology. There are besides mattresses similar Big Fig specifically designed to cater to the needs of dense sleepers. 

Your assemblage benignant besides influences however a mattress volition feel. When we trial mattresses, we find the firmness and consciousness based connected the mean assemblage type. However, those connected either broadside of the standard volition person a antithetic experience. 

If you're petite, you volition enactment little unit connected the mattress, which volition typically consciousness firmer. As such, you should spell with a softer furniture for optimal comfort. On the different hand, heavier radical volition enactment much unit connected the mattress, which means it volition consciousness softer. It's indispensable to find the close firmness level that is some comfy and steadfast capable to support your spine aligned astatine night. 

Final verdict: what benignant of mattress worldly is best?

There are a batch of mattresses retired there, each of which alteration successful their construction. Thankfully, it's beauteous casual to constrictive down what benignant of mattress you privation based connected what it's made of. The champion beds often person a premix of features similar representation foam, gel foams, pocketed coils and pillow tops. When buying for your perfect match, see your sleeping position, assemblage benignant and terms range.

  • If you're looking for a brushed mattress that offers superior unit alleviation and you're nether 130 pounds, you should see a memory foam mattress. 
  • If you measurement implicit 230 pounds oregon are a backmost oregon tummy sleeper looking for a supportive furniture with a bouncy feel, spell for a coil oregon innerspring mattress.
  • Latex mattresses are champion for radical who worth sustainability and all-natural beds. Latex beds are besides people slumber cooler than different furniture types. 
  • Adjustable aerial mattresses are great for radical who privation customization. 
  • Anyone volition similar a hybrid mattress. They onslaught a bully equilibrium betwixt unit alleviation and durability and tin enactment immoderate assemblage type.

Still request much assistance uncovering a bed? Check retired our guides to choosing the close size mattress, choosing your mattress firmness level and figuring retired your budget, positive our database of the best mattress brands of the year. You tin besides look guardant to making the cleanable furniture with our tips connected the best sheets and pillows.

Mattress Type FAQ

What are the antithetic types of mattresses?

The 5 antithetic types of mattresses are representation foam, innerspring, hybrid, latex and adjustable air. They are distinctly antithetic successful their operation and who they are champion suited for. 

Innerspring mattresses are astir apt what you ideate erstwhile you deliberation of a furniture -- a coil instauration that makes it bouncy and supportive. Then determination are representation foam beds, immoderate of the astir fashionable around. Hybrid mattresses are a peculiar lawsuit successful which they tin see respective antithetic types of mattress components -- from pocketed coils to gel to accepted representation foam. Adjustable aerial mattresses are champion suited for radical who privation to customize their beds. 

Which benignant of mattresses are best?

The champion benignant of mattress volition alteration depending connected who you ask. It's a subjective country -- each our sleeping needs are different. Every benignant of mattress has a idiosyncratic champion suited for it. Hybrid mattresses are typically a harmless prime for astir radical due to the fact that they springiness you the champion of some worlds -- the durability of coils and the unit alleviation of representation foam. They are immoderate of the astir durable beds you tin get. 

Which benignant of mattress is champion foam oregon spring?

This comes down to your preferences and sleeping needs. Some radical don't similar the consciousness of representation foam. In contrast, others similar sinking into dense accepted foam that swallows them up. 

However, coil mattresses thin to past longer than representation foam beds due to the fact that they person a durable foundation. If you can't determine which 1 to get, opt for a hybrid with some features. 

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