How to Clear Your YouTube Cache

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Clearing YouTube’s cache helps hole issues with the platform’s app and website and lets you ticker your favourite videos uninterrupted. We’ll amusement you however to bash that connected your Android telephone and your desktop web browser.

Deleting the YouTube cache doesn’t region your idiosyncratic information with the platform. The process lone removes YouTube’s impermanent files, which it internally uses to heighten your experience.

Note that you tin lone wide the YouTube app’s cache connected Android; the iPhone doesn’t let deleting the app cache.

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Delete YouTube’s Cache connected Android

To statesman the cache removal process, unfastened the Settings app connected your Android phone. Note that the steps beneath volition somewhat alteration depending connected your telephone model.

In Settings, prime “Apps & Notifications.”

Choose "Apps & Notifications" successful  Settings.

On the “Apps & Notifications” screen, take “YouTube.”

Tip: If you don’t spot “YouTube” connected the app list, pat “See All X Apps” (where “X” is the fig of installed apps) to find the app.

Tap "YouTube" connected  the list.

On YouTube’s app page, pat “Storage & Cache.”

Select "Storage & Cache."

Select the “Clear Cache” option.

Choose "Clear Cache."

Without immoderate prompts, your telephone volition delete the YouTube app cache. You whitethorn present relaunch YouTube connected your telephone and ticker your videos. Enjoy!

Clear YouTube’s Cache connected Your Desktop Web Browser

To resoluteness cache-related issues with YouTube’s desktop site, you tin wide the cache for all sites successful your web browser. You person to bash it for each sites due to the fact that browsers don’t fto you wide site-specific caches.

Check retired our usher for your circumstantial web browser to larn however to delete the cache:

Once you’ve removed the cache, relaunch Chrome, Firefox, Edge, oregon the browser you usage and unfastened YouTube. Any cache-related problems are present fixed.

And that’s however you get escaped of YouTube’s problematic cache and bask uninterrupted entree to your favourite feline videos!

Don’t similar YouTube’s auto-playing video thumbnails? If so, there’s a mode to halt them from playing.

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