How to Configure a HiFi Desktop Audio System


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A HiFi system is a set of elements designed to make music sound nearly as good as attainable. HiFi goals for clear, noiseless audio, not simply high volume and boosted bass. Music on a HiFi system will sound radically better than music on the headphones that came together with your telephone, as a result of many various elements like less sign interference (and thus, less noise), greater frequency response and clarity on the headphones, and a a lot better listening expertise with over-ear headphones.

Individuals who take pleasure in high-end audio are referred to as “audiophiles,” and the audiophile scene is difficult and may seem exhausting to get into. Here, we’ll break down what every half in a HiFi setup does, and how it contributes to the general sound.

Digital Audio Converters (DAC)

The DAC is actually a very high-end headphone jack. It’s the start line for all of the audio in your system. Because of electrical noise in your pc, audio from the inbuilt headphone jack sounds very noisy. You won't discover this noise on most headphones (as most headphones are noisy anyway), however on HiFi headphones it becomes apparent.

The answer is to isolate that electrical interference with an external DAC. These are built with a lot greater high quality elements than the inbuilt DAC in your pc. They’re typically are able to powering greater impedance headphones and supplying phantom energy to mics that need it.


For most speakers, and a few headphones, you’ll want an amp to energy up your audio earlier than listening to it, as it might be quiet coming straight off the DAC. In case you have lower impedance headphones, a USB DAC ought to power them just advantageous, however something requiring 250 Ohm and above means you’ll in all probability want an amp in order that the noise from the the DAC doesn’t spoil things.

The rationale amps are mandatory is because most DACs are usually not made to amplify audio past a certain level. Should you have been to turn the DAC up to 10, it will sound extremely noisy (the dangerous type of noise). Nevertheless, you possibly can turn it to 5, after which set the amp to crank it up 200%, and the audio would still be clear

Headphones and Audio system

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