How to Connect AirPods to Nintendo Switch

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Apple AirPods successful  a lawsuit  designed to look   similar  a Nintendo Switch.Imam Widiantoro/

Apple’s AirPods usage Bluetooth to pass with iPhones, iPads, and Macs, and you tin besides link them to your Switch connected the go. The quality to usage wireless Bluetooth headphones with the Switch was missing from motorboat but has since been patched successful by Nintendo.

Can You Connect AirPods to a Switch?

Provided you person installed firmware update 13.0 oregon later, you tin link AirPods (and different types of Bluetooth headphones) to a Switch. If you haven’t already done so, you’ll request to update your Nintendo Switch to the latest disposable firmware nether System Settings > System.

Nintendo Switch System Update pending

Hit the “System Update” fastener to commencement the process. Your Switch volition use immoderate updates that are acceptable to spell and cheque the net for caller bundle to download. Make definite you’re connected to Wi-Fi for this to work.

You tin spot your existent bundle mentation utilizing the System Update function, but it won’t beryllium shown if you person an update acceptable to install. Bluetooth audio is disposable to owners of each Switch consoles, from the archetypal released successful 2017 close through to the Lite and OLED model.

How to Pair AirPods with a Switch

With the latest update installed and your AirPods successful hand, you tin acceptable astir pairing your earbuds with your Nintendo console. To bash this, motorboat the System Settings paper and utilizing the sidebar connected the near scroll down to the “Bluetooth Audio” option.

Nintendo Switch Add Device

Take a speedy look astatine the limitations imposed connected your instrumentality earlier pairing. Nintendo states that lone 2 wireless controllers tin beryllium connected erstwhile utilizing Bluetooth audio, that microphones won’t enactment (you’ll request to usage the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app for dependable communication) and that latency whitethorn beryllium an issue.

Now unfastened your AirPods lawsuit and property and clasp the fastener connected the backmost until the LED indicator starts rapidly flashing. Now property the “Add Device” fastener connected the power and hold for your console to observe your headphones.

Nintendo Switch searching for Bluetooth audio

Select your AirPods from the database and hold for the Switch to marque a connection. It shouldn’t instrumentality long, aft which you’ll spot a informing astir limitations portion utilizing Bluetooth audio.

Nintendo Switch recovered  AirPods

Once you’ve made a palmy transportation you’ll beryllium capable to prime your Bluetooth headphones from the Bluetooth Audio menu. While connected you’ll spot a tiny Bluetooth icon and statement look successful the Quick Menu, accessible by holding down the Home button.

There May Be Better Options

While Bluetooth audio connected the Switch is convenient, it’s not peculiarly good implemented. While investigating the AirPods Pro we noticed a flimsy hold successful audio output. This wasn’t capable to sap each enjoyment, but your mileage whitethorn alteration depending connected the crippled you’re using.

Best Overall Switch Bluetooth Adapter

HomeSpot Pro Adapter

The HomeSpot Pro Bluetooth adapter is easy the champion enactment for your Nintendo Switch, from its matching colors to flawless functionality.

Luckily you tin get a Nintendo Switch Bluetooth adapter instead (like the HomeSpot pictured above) and vastly amended the show of wireless audio connected your console.

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