How to Control Your Smart Home from Samsung Quick Settings

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Samsung Device Controls.

It’s bully to beryllium capable to power astute location gadgets from your phone, but you don’t privation to beryllium fumbling astir with apps to crook connected a light. Samsung Galaxy devices marque this ace easy, we’ll amusement you how.

Android 11 introduced a caller powerfulness paper with entree to astute location instrumentality controls, but Samsung enactment these controls successful the Quick Settings instead—which Google adopted successful Android 12. The controls are ever conscionable a swipe down from the apical of the surface away.

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Only apps that enactment the Device Controls diagnostic volition beryllium accessible from Quick Settings. For Samsung devices, the main 2 are Google Home and SmartThings. You’ll request to person either 1 of these acceptable up to usage the controls.

To get started, swipe down from the apical of the surface to uncover the Quick Settings and pat the “Devices” button.

Tap the "Devices" button.

If you’ve already been utilizing SmartThings oregon Google Home, you whitethorn already spot the instrumentality controls. If not, pat the three-dot paper icon and prime “Manage Apps.”

Open the paper   and prime   "Manage Apps."

Toggle connected the apps that person the devices you privation to control.

Select the apps to use.

Now prime 1 of the apps to customize which devices volition look successful the instrumentality controls.

Select an app.

Select each the devices you privation to see, unselect the devices you don’t privation to appear.

Choose the devices.

Tap the backmost arrow successful the top-left erstwhile you’re done.

Tap the backmost  arrow.

Go backmost to the “Devices” surface and you’ll spot each the devices you selected. You tin resistance and driblet these tiles to rearrange the order.

Move tiles around.

Just pat the tile to beryllium brought to the instrumentality leafage successful the associated app, oregon usage the powerfulness icon to instantly crook things connected and off.

Turn connected  a light.

To power betwixt astute location apps, pat the down arrow adjacent to the app sanction supra the tiles, past prime the different app.

Switch astute  location  apps.

That’s each determination is to it! These useful switches are ever easy accessible from the Quick Settings with conscionable a swipe down. It’s truthful overmuch easier than messing astir with opening smart location apps.

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