How to Delete Specific Website History From Safari on iPhone or iPad

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It’s not ever convenient to delete your full history, but you tin alternatively take to delete circumstantial websites from your past (and the information they permission down connected your device). Here’s however to bash it successful Safari for iPhone and iPad.

How to Remove Websites from Safari History

Safari volition grounds immoderate websites you sojourn unless you use Private Browsing. Once a website is successful your past it volition look successful the URL barroom erstwhile you commencement typing a related term. There are each sorts of reasons you whitethorn privation to prune circumstantial websites, and it’s casual to bash so.

Open Safari and pat connected the “Bookmarks” icon astatine the bottommost of the surface (it looks similar an unfastened book).

View Safari Bookmarks and History

A pop-up volition look with 3 tabs for your Bookmarks, Reading List, and History. Tap connected the timepiece icon to spot your history.

Safari History connected  iPhone

You tin present swipe near connected immoderate introduction successful your past and pat “Delete” to region it for good.

Remove Entry from Safari History connected  iPhone

Rather than scrolling done your full past of visited websites, you tin besides hunt for circumstantial presumption oregon URLs utilizing the on-screen search box. But that’s not the lone grounds a website whitethorn person near down connected your device.

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How to Delete Specific Website Data

Websites permission each sorts of information connected your instrumentality including cached images and cookies. If you privation to region each signs of a website, it’s important to region website information arsenic well.

Launch Settings and pat connected Safari > Advanced > Website Data. This paper whitethorn instrumentality a small portion to load arsenic Safari fetches a afloat database of website information and estimates however overmuch retention each introduction takes up connected your device.

View Safari Website Data

You tin present travel the aforesaid process arsenic supra by swiping near connected immoderate websites you would similar to hide astir and tapping the “Delete” fastener that appears.

Delete Safari Website Data

You tin besides hunt for circumstantial websites utilizing the hunt barroom astatine the apical of the screen, oregon nuke everything utilizing the “Remove All Website Data” fastener astatine the bottommost of the list.

Delete All Safari Website Data

Note that if you bash region website information (or hitch everything) that determination whitethorn beryllium some drawbacks similar having to log successful again oregon having your buying cart emptied.

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Don’t Forget About Private Browsing Mode

You tin usage Private Browsing mode successful Safari astatine immoderate constituent to sojourn a website without it being recorded to your device. To bash this, pat connected the tab icon successful the little close country of the surface followed by the fig of tabs you person unfastened astatine the bottommost of the screen. From present pat “Private” to power to a backstage browsing session.

Note that each tabs successful your backstage browsing league volition stay unfastened until you close them, truthful marque definite you adjacent thing that whitethorn compromise your privacy.

To get a amended grip connected your iPhone oregon iPad’s privateness settings, we urge a periodic iOS privateness check-up.

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