How to Export Chrome Bookmarks

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A finely curated database of bookmarks makes your web browsing acquisition a batch easier. We’ll amusement you however to export your Google Chrome bookmarks truthful you tin bring them to immoderate caller browser and consciousness astatine home.

Exporting your bookmarks creates an HTML record that you tin past import into galore browsers and person each of your bookmarks transferred over. You could determination them from 1 Chrome browser to another—if you don’t similar Chrome Sync—or to a wholly antithetic browser.

First, unfastened Google Chrome connected your Windows, Mac, Chromebook, oregon Linux PC. Click the three-dot paper icon successful the top-right corner.

Next, rodent implicit “Bookmarks” and prime “Bookmark Manager.”

Hover implicit    "Bookmarks" and prime   "Bookmark Manager."

On the Bookmark Manager page, click the three-dot paper icon successful the apical bluish barroom and prime “Export Bookmarks.”

This volition make an HTML record that contains each of your bookmarks. Now you tin take wherever you privation to prevention the file. Rename the record if you privation and click “Save” erstwhile you’ve picked a location.

Choose a determination  and "Save" the file.

That’s each determination is to it! You tin usage the HTML record to acceptable up a caller browser, but don’t hide to delete your bookmarks that are nary longer needed. Take bully attraction of your precious bookmarks!

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