How to export PDF files from Acrobat to Excel, and Excel to Acrobat

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You have just a few choices when working with PDFs and Microsoft Excel compared to everything you can do with PDFs in Microsoft Word. You cannot import PDFs from Adobe Acrobat directly into Excel 2016. However, you can export PDFs from Excel to Acrobat, and you can export from Acrobat to Excel. We'll show you how.

Export from Excel to Acrobat

1. To export from Excel to Acrobat, open an Excel spreadsheet.

2. Then choose File > Export, and click the Create PDF/XPS button.

xl15 file export create pdf JD Sartain / IDG Worldwide
File export create pdf

3. The Publish As PDF screen appears and displays the Excel filename, followed by the Acrobat extension PDF in the File Name field box, followed by the PDF extension in the Save As Type field box (Products.pdf).

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