How to Fix Corsair Mouse and Keyboard Issues on macOS and Linux


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Corsair makes wonderful “gaming” mice and keyboards with many great options, like custom RGB lighting, profile modes, macro help, and fine-tuned performance settings. Most of these require iCUE, Corsair’s proprietary software, which is nice but solely works on Windows. If in case you have a Mac, you’ll have to show to third-party drivers to get the options for which you paid.

Install CKB-Next

CKB-Next is the actively maintained fork of the unique CKB, which was abandoned by the creator. You’ll need to obtain the newest release and set up it, though you'll be able to build from source when you want.

Once it’s installed, plug in your system, and it ought to show as a brand new tab within the settings window. From here, you could have help for different profiles and may configure the lighting effects for each zone on the gadget. The animation results are fairly good for a third-party app, and while they’re not as intuitive as iCUE, they’ll get the job accomplished.

To arrange the quantity pad on a mouse like the Scimitar, you’ll have to click on each button individually and set that button to sort the corresponding key. It’s tedious, nevertheless it works. The “Typing” drop-down holds an inventory of every character for which you'll be able to configure the mouse.

Beneath the other drop-downs and tabs, you’ll find modifier keys, perform keys, mouse buttons, and mouse wheel actions.

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